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New HLV facilities in final stages of completion

The new facilities at the HLV community school have been occupied for over two weeks and are working nicely, reported HLV Superintendent Bill Lynch.

Lynch told the HLV School Board Sept. 9 that there is still some work left to be done on the new addition to the school, which was built over the summer break. The architectural firm issued a notice of substantial completion to Garling Construction, Lynch said. The substantial completion process begins the finalization of the project and establishes a date when the retainage amounts can be provided.

Lynch said it is his belief most of the retainage amounts will be paid about 60 days after the substantial completion date, provided all unfinished work has been satisfactorily completed.

The flooring in the hallways and on the steps of the original building have yet to be completed, among other projects, he said.

Also, the school-owned houses at 501 and 503 4th St. will be demolished this week. A parking lot will be built in the area once the homes are removed. The demolition of the houses is not included in the notice of substantial completion, Lynch said, and is a separate project.

The house debris will be taken to the landfill. The district will be required to pay landfill fees as well as the additional costs to transport the debris to the landfill. Lynch said he estimates it will cost $3,000 to $5,000 in additional trucking and $3,000 to $5,000 in landfill fees for a total cost of approximately $6,000 to $10,000.

He said there was an asbestos removal fee of $2,380. The school had to remove the windows in the old administrative service center at 501 4th St. that had asbestos glazing around them.

The school district will have MMS Consultants, Inc., prepare a design for another parking lot to be built on the property formerly owned by Roger and Cindy Evans, Lynch said. The preparation for the drawings of the parking lot will cost approximately $4,075, he said.

In addition, Lynch said he was approached by members of the St. James Lutheran Church interested in working with the school district to allow the school to use the church’s parking lot. He said the church had some work done on the parking lot this summer, and would be interested in some type of payment for the school to continue using the parking lot.

Lynch said the school has paid for the church’s snow removal in the past. HLV School Board member Laura Greene said if the school builds two new parking lot, the school may not need to use the church’s parking lot in the future.

“I would like to wait and see how much we actually use their parking lot,” Greene said.

Lynch said he would meet with representatives from the church to discuss the issue further.


The HLV School Board approved the following change orders Sept. 9 for the school addition project:

• The fire marshal’s office is requiring the school to install new glass in the doors at the end of the 1985 addition. The cost for the additional glass is $9,351.

• Phone wires will be installed to connect the intercom phones to the office area for the cost of $1,314.

• The east wall will be replaced in the second floor classroom located in the southeast corner of the original building. The cost is $2,108.

UPDATED September 15, 2009 1:13 PM

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