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Hicks finds his niche singing songs about life


Cody Hicks performs a Doobie Brothers song at a birthday bash, June 24, at Diamond Lake for Frank Brownell, CEO of Brownells Inc. in Montezuma. Hicks has been performing solo gigs at local pubs and private events for about a year. He enjoys performing ‘90s music from such bands as Sublime, as well as songs he wrote about this life experiences and recorded on his album “The Acoustic Truth.” Hicks’ future goal is to be a full-time musician.

At 23, singer and songwriter Cody Hicks seems to have settled down and found his niche.

While most of his classmates were going to college to learn the path they wanted to take, Hicks, who spent one year at Kirkwood studying engineering, learned more about who he wanted to be working and playing in a local cover band.

“I learned a lot about what I didn’t like as far as showboating and performing and really started adapting the music I like to play and write to my everyday life,” said Hicks, who resides in Montezuma.

After the band split up and members went their separate ways, Hicks got a chance to do a solo gig about a year ago.

“I jumped all over it,” he said. He’s been going non-stop since, playing most Friday and Saturday nights at pubs and private parties in and around Poweshiek County.

In November 2008, Hicks released a solo acoustic album he simply entitled “The Acoustic Truth.”

The 11 songs on the album, all of which he wrote, are about his personal experiences and relationships with his girlfriend, Sammy, and members of his family. “All the songs in one way or another are about struggle,” said Hicks, referring to people he loves and past experiences.

“At the time, it was hard for me to express that notion, so I released my thoughts and feelings into my music and into these songs.”

The album includes such songs as “Long Haul,” “Yesterday’s Heart,” “Truth,” “Take me to my Angel,” “Lucky,” “OK,” and “Mine for all Time.”

Other than his own songs, Hicks’ favorite music to listen to and perform is ‘90s rock, grunge, punk, and reggae.

“My favorite band of all time has been and will always be Sublime,” said Hicks.

“I love the beats and lyrics, the thoughts and the ideas around all of it.”

Hicks said they were a band that changed the way people listened to music and changed the way musicians were looked at in the ‘90s.

Along with Sublime, Hicks enjoys playing music by Jack Johnson, O.A.R., Nirvana, Matchbox 20, Third-Eye Blind, and many others based off the ‘90s rock sound.

Hicks doesn’t have to look too far to find other musical influences in his life. He recalled his uncle, Jerry Hicks, who used to play in a band when he was younger.

“I would get up on stage and sing some Garth Brooks with him,” recalled Hicks, who says he doesn’t do the country thing these days.

His aunt, Jamie Hicks, who is only 2.5 years older than him, also played a role in his musical career.

“At a very young age she and I started to sing together and it continued all the way up to high school,” recalled Hicks.

“She is the reason I went out for choir all those years and she has always supported anything I do to the fullest.”

Hicks said one of his favorite experiences was the time he wrote his first song and played it for his friends.

“They couldn’t believe it,” he said. “The look of astonishment on their faces and the constant requests to hear that song after I was done, were all huge in pushing me in this direction.”

Currently, Hicks works 40 plus hours a week as a project coordinator at Sutherland Printing in Montezuma, a job he’s held for three years. “I do the leg work for the salesman as far as starting (print) jobs and making sure they are done properly and getting them shipped out or delivered on time,” said Hicks of his job. “I fill out the paper work that the rest of the plant works off of as well.” In his spare time, Hicks enjoys watching television with his girlfriend, playing video games, practicing on his guitar, and spending time at the lake with his friends.

He also enjoys watching his little brother, Dalton “Bubba” Hicks, race quads.

Hicks said the most rewarding part of the music business is writing songs and having fans come to his shows and sing every word like it is coming from them.

“It’s what keeps me going and it’s what gets me excited to do what I do all the time,” he said.

Down the road, Hicks said his future goal is to be able to live comfortably as a musician.

“I just simply, plain and simply want to be a full-time musician,” he said. “If and when I can accomplish that I will be a happy man, and after that I think the sky is the limit.”

If you haven’t seen Hicks perform, he said, “Break out of your monotonous shells and come out and see one.”

“You won’t be disappointed,” he said.

If you are interested in booking Hicks for your next party or event, give him a call at 641-990-2233 anytime after 5 p.m. during the week.

UPDATED September 8, 2009 2:53 PM

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