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New library design shows modern features


The first plans for the new Williamsburg Public Library depict a two-story building with a clock tower and additional unique features.

The $3.5 million building as designed by OPN Architects, Cedar Rapids, will have an open floor plan on the library’ s main floor, excluding the children’s workroom and staff location.

“This will allow an individual who might be the only staff member working at that location to be able to have observation ability of the entire library,” explained OPN Architect Bruce Hamous.

An area designed specifically with young adults in mind will have casual seating and booth seating and outlets for patrons to plug in laptops.

A reference section will separate the young adult section from a reading lounge for patrons interested in reading newspapers or magazines next to the library’s fireplace.

The area underneath the clock tower, with a ceiling higher than the majority of the main level, will also be an “amazing, spectacular space for people to sit in,” according to Hamous.

The bottom level is designed to have multiple meeting rooms, restrooms and an elevator, but these items cannot be completed under the current budget.

Library board president Emily Andrews estimated since the receipt of the $600,000 Vision Iowa grant this summer, the library has approximately $150,000 left to raise toward the construction of the main level. Andrews noted the library was also recently named as a benefactor of two estates, whose full value is unknown at this time. If the estates’ value spills over the $150,000, the library may be able to finish off all or part of the lower level.

A general contractor has not yet been chosen for the library. The project is scheduled to be bid on in March of 2010


UPDATED November 4, 2009 12:01 PM

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