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Marengo council: City prepping lot for courts


The City of Marengo has closed a deal and purchased property on which to build tennis courts and a basketball court.

Sept. 28 Marengo City Council approved a payment of $26,500 to Denzler Realty to buy the house and property at 1272 Court Ave.

Marengo City Administrator Brent Nelson said he is seeking quotes from companies to remove asbestos from the attic of the building, which was once a creamery.

The city is in the process of clearing trees and brush to make the roof more accessible to the asbestos removers.

Once the asbestos is removed, the city will tear down the building and prepare the lot for construction of the athletic courts.

Nelson said they hope to have the site ready before winter. Then construction on the courts will begin in spring.

“Obviously we are not going to get the construction of the courts done this year. The next plan is to have the asbestos people come in and do the asbestos removal and then tear the house down. It would be nice to have the site ready before winter. We will have more firm pricing as it comes along,” Nelson said.

The city has budgeted $110,000 for the project.

Originally, the city planned to build the courts at Lion’s Park. After the site was prepared and rock was put in, it was deemed the area was too wet for the courts.


The Marengo City Council met in closed session Oct. 12 under Iowa Code 21.5 1 (g) to discuss the schedule of the Marengo Police Department.

• Marengo City Council also met in closed session Oct. 12 under Iowa Code 21.5 1 (i) to review Marengo City Administrator Brent Nelson.


Ben Werschkul, senior producer for, the Web site for the New York Times, was videotaping the Marengo City Council meeting Monday, Oct. 12.

Werschkul said he is traveling all over the state of Iowa working on a story about Iowa and people’s thoughts about President Barack Obama.

The video should be published online in the next couple of weeks, he said.

UPDATED October 14, 2009 11:39 AM

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