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City says ‘no’ to time extension


The City of Williamsburg has denied requests for a time extension from the contractor for the Williamsburg Child Development Center, while simultaneously extending the grant and loan funding the project.

In a letter to the city council dated Nov. 6, senior project manager Tom Stockdale of Prostruct asked for a time extension on the building, contending that “abnormal rainfall” throughout October greatly delayed progress on the building. Stockdale said the weather affected progress on the two retaining walls, sidewalks, parking lot and the installation of utilities.

In the building contract, the completion date for the building is slated for the second week in October of 2009. However, progress on the building stalled for approximately eight weeks over the summer, after the project’s first contractor, Frantz Construction, declared bankruptcy in June. Prostruct has worked on the building since the middle of August.

Both the project’s architect, Steve Trost, and United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Area Specialist Sheri Rice recommended the city deny Prostruct’s request, since the project was already several weeks behind when the abnormal rainfall hit the area.

“Most of the delay is due to the original general contractor and is not a valid reason for the time extension on the project. It is my viewpoint that the weather condition would not have been much of an issue if the work had been completed in accordance with the contract time. By the end of September, the majority of all the work should have been done . . . In other words delays due to fall weather are only because of the overall project delay due to Frantz err go (bonding company) IMT (Insurance),” Trost wrote in an e-mail to the council dated Nov. 9.





UPDATED December 10, 2009 11:28 AM

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