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General surgeon Dr. Gene Lariviere will be at Marengo Memorial Hospital every Friday


Dr. Gene Lariviere

Marengo Memorial Hospital now has a general surgeon on hand every Friday to provide routine procedures.

Dr. Gene Lariviere, 50, began coming to MMH in July every Friday to conduct mostly outpatient surgeries. He is the general surgeon on staff at the Virginia Gay Hospital, Vinton.

Lariviere is originally from Amarillo, Texas, and did his undergraduate studies at Texas A&M. He attended medical school at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas and conducted his residency in general surgery in Wichita, Kan.

His first job as a surgeon was at a multi-specialty clinic in Evansville, Ind. Then Lariviere was a general surgeon at Surgical Services in Iowa City for 15 years.

He began working at Virginia Gay in July, shortly before he began coming to Marengo Memorial Hospital. Lariviere lives with his wife, Kathy, in rural Vinton.

General surgery covers surgery that doesn’t fall under the branches of specialties, Lariviere said. He mostly does abdominal surgeries, such as hernias or gall bladder surgeries, and also deals with breast issues and soft tissue surgeries that are not orthopedic.

The surgeries he does at Marengo Memorial Hospital are predominantly outpatient, but Lariviere said some patients have stayed overnight.

“We mostly do hernias and gall bladders, the surgeries that are most frequently done and are the most straight forward,” Lariviere said. “We are trying to make surgery available for patients to have a procedure done that is relatively routine without having to go too far from home.”

Lariviere said the staff at Marengo Memorial Hospital, as well as the patients, have been “excellent” to work with.

“They are really dedicated and truly like taking care of their patients,” he said.

UPDATED November 25, 2009 12:25 PM

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