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Construction continues at HLV site


The HLV school construction project is nearing completion and an open house will be held for the public, said HLV Superintendent Bill Lynch.

An open house for the HLV school additions will be held for the public Nov. 1.

Lynch told the HLV School Board at the Oct. 14 meeting the new boilers at the school are operational. Also, he said the heating and cooling system was balanced this week and should be working properly.

In addition, window blinds for the school additions are ordered. The cost, including installation, is approximately $7,000, Lynch said.

The HLV School Board approved the following change orders for the construction project Oct. 14:

• The school board approved a cost deduction of $2,500 from Schindler Elevator for signing a maintenance agreement.

• A change order in the amount of $158 to add an outlet in the nurse’s room. The outlet will be paid for by the DLR Group.

• A change order in the amount of $390 to add a fire alarm notification device by the elementary library area.

• A change order in the amount of $723 to remove additional sidewalk west of the 1963 addition to accommodate the drop off zone.

• A change order in the amount of $840 to remove a cistern by the former house west of the old Administrative Service Center.

• A change order in the amount of $1,390 to install a speaker and connect speakers in the industrial tech building.

• A change order in the amount of $2,672 to put a six-inch fire hydrant service at the southwest corner of 4th and Harrison streets.

The HLV School Board tabled a change order in the amount of $1,155 to remove a 30-foot portion of concrete curb and gutter and replace it at a new elevation on the east side of the school.

HLV School Board member Laura Greene said it was her understanding the school board had already approved a change order that was supposed to cover all of the concrete work.

“I am sorry. We have made so many concrete changes that it’s ridiculous. The last one was supposed to fix all this and now we have this one,” Greene said. “Granted, it’s only $1,100, but it’s just the fact that every time we do something with concrete they come back to us and want to change this and change that. They should know what’s going to change before they do a job.”

HLV School Board member Denny Jack said the board should not approve the change order until they have a better explanation of the project.

The board unanimously approved the change orders except for the $1,155 concrete change order.


Lynch told the board the weather has not been favorable for the parking lot construction project.

“They haven’t been able to get any equipment in here. It is just too wet,” Lynch said.

He said it could be several days before concrete can be poured for the new parking lots.

Lynch also met with representatives from St. John’s Lutheran Church about using their parking lot. The church requested the school continue paying for snow removal as well as install a security light and add the parking lot as an additional site for insurance purposes.

Lynch said Alliant Energy already has a pole at the parking lot. It would cost $10 a month to rent a 150-watt bulb, he said. Also, Lynch said he spoke with the school’s insurance agent and said it would not be a problem to add the parking lot for insurance purposes.


Lynch said HLV tech teacher Cory Lahndorf is retrieving estimates on costs for the two technology class construction projects.

The tech classes will build a garage on the property the school district purchased from Roger and Cindy Evans and the students will construct restrooms attached to the north end of the building at the athletic field.

Lynch said if either project costs more than $36,000, the school may have to put the projects out for bid and have at least two competitive bids.

Lynch said the projects are different from building a house because the construction projects for the school are considered a public improvement.

“The restrooms are real close to the $36,000,” Lynch said. “The $36,000 does not apply to them jointly, it applies to each one separately because they are separate projects.”


Lynch informed the school board that Oct. 8 Gov. Chet Culver announced a 10 percent across the board cut. For HLV, that means a budget cut or $179,335, Lynch said.

He said the school will use its cash reserves to cover the deficit.

“It’s just money that is not going to be coming. There’s nothing we can do,” Lynch said. “We will use cash reserves and we will explore other options to deal with the funding shortfall.”


HLV School Board members Laurel Hollopeter and Maria Hawkins were sworn in to the school board. Both members were re-elected in the September school board election.

Hollopeter was then elected to continue serving as the president of the school board and Laura Greene was elected as vice president.


UPDATED October 21, 2009 11:54 AM

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