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Vandalism reported at Marengo City Park


Vandalism was reported in Marengo City Park last week.

One of the infant swings on the new playground equipment was cut down the back, said Mindy Slaymaker, a member of the Pennies for the Park Committee. She said it most likely happened sometime between Sunday, April 18, and Monday, April 19.

She said it was obvious somebody used a tool to cut the back of the swing clean in half, and it was not an accidental tear.

“It is only the second spring and already a swing is missing because somebody has vandalized,” Slaymaker said.

The playground equipment was built in the fall of 2008.

She said she did not know how much it will cost to replace the swing. She said the Pennies for the Park Committee has some money from additional fundraisers, but they were hoping they could use that money for new equipment, rather than replacing broken equipment.

“It’s just a shame it is already missing,” she said.

The Marengo Police Department and the City of Marengo administration has been notified of the incident, Slaymaker said.


UPDATED April 28, 2010 11:56 AM

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