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City permits and penalties on the rise
Williamsburg landlords or residents who need a new water connection may realize the cost has increased by $50. That’s not the only fee that’s gone up. As part of its recodification, the Williamsburg City Council increased several city fees and added new ones at a meeting held March 8.
Some fees increased minimally, while others are up to 300 percent higher than they were previously. Mayor Frank Murphy said the council looked at the fees of five other towns comparable in population to Williamsburg when determining the increase: Belle Plaine, Marengo, Tama, Tipton and West Liberty.
See below for how some of the newly set fees rank in comparison to four of the five towns studied:
Water connection fee for new home
Belle Plaine: None.
Marengo: $25.
Tama: $75.
Tipton: $100.
Williamsburg: $325 (previously $275).
Building permit for new residence
Belle Plaine: $175 (based on $175,000 home).
Marengo: $20.
Tama: $141.50 (based on $175,000 house).
Tipton: $250 (based on $175,000 house).
Williamsburg: $200 (previously $100).
Board of Adjustment meeting fee
Belle Plaine: $25.
Marengo: $20.
Tama: None.
Tipton: $10.
Williamsburg: $100 (previously no charge).
Planning and Zoning meeting fee
Belle Plaine: None.
Marengo: $20.
Tama: $25
Tipton: $50.
Williamsburg: $50 (previously no charge).
House mover permit
Belle Plaine: None known.
Marengo: $10 and $1,000 bond (refundable if no damage is caused.)
Tama: None.
Tipton: None known.
Williamsburg: $1,000 (previously $10).
Mayor Murphy said the cost was raised to cover the cost of public works employees and police who may help during the move.
“This is something that rarely happens, but can involve a lot of time from city employees when it does,” he said.
All increases went into effect immediately. Below are some of the other increases passed by the council:
• Deposit for water meter accuracy test: $35 (was $5).
• Sewer connection permit: $150 including saddle (was $100 including saddle).
• Driveway construction permit: $20 (was $5).
• Returned check: $30 (was $25).
• Peddler/transient merchant license for 1 year: $125 (was $25. This would not apply to Williamsburg residents.)
• Solicitor license $50 per week per person (was $10 per person. This would not apply to Williamsburg residents.)
Fees added to city code included:
• Delinquent water service discontinuation: $25.
• Delinquent water after-hours reconnection: $50.
• Tenant water deposit: $100.
• Temporary water shut-off: $25.
• Street excavation permit: $100.
• Sidewalk construction permit: $20.
• Flood plain development permit: $250.
• Impound fee for abandoned vehicle: $10 per day.
• Fence permit application: $20.
• Preliminary plat filing: $100.
• Final plat filing: $250.
• Site plan filing fee: $100.
• Penalty for sale of unapproved lot: $50 per lot.
• Mowing of private property: $50 per hour per employee.
• Nuisance clean-up: $50 per hour per employee.
• Clean-up equipment: $40 per hour.
• Sewer reconnection inspection: $25.
• Building demolition: $75.
• Tree trimming of homeowner frontage to meet city code: $40 per hour per employee.
• Equipment used for trimming: $50 per hour.
Fees were passed separately from the rest of the city code as a resolution in order to allow them to be located together, Murphy said.
A full list of the fee increases is available at city hall.

UPDATED March 31, 2010 1:56 PM

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