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Marengo prepares budget

Marengo City Council will hold a public hearing for the fiscal year 2011 budget estimate review Monday, Feb. 22.

Fiscal year 2011 starts July 1, 2010, and ends June 30, 2011.

Marengo City Administrator Brent Nelson said at the Jan. 25 city council meeting the city’s property valuations decreased again, meaning the city will have approximately $6,000 less in the general fund for fiscal year 2011.

The salaries for the city’s union employees will also increase with the next contract, Nelson said.

Because of the decrease in revenue and the increase in expenditures, he said city staff may have to look at across the board cuts.

“We will probably allocate the same percentage of cuts across the departments,” Nelson said. “Everybody will have to watch their line items.

The public hearing for the FY11 budget will be held Feb. 22 and the council will approve the budget March 8. Nelson said the budget needs to be certified by Iowa County Auditor Linda Griggs by March 15.


Nelson said Kinzenbaw Excavating had to reapply to file a permit with the state in order to remove asbestos from the city-owned house at 1272 Court Ave. The city is going to remove the house in order to build tennis courts and a basketball court this summer.

The city hired Active Thermal Concepts, Inc., Hiawatha, Dec. 14 at the price of $8,948 to remove 360 square feet of roofing material from the house. Nelson said once workers began removing asbestos from the house, the found out the entire roof had asbestos.

Instead of paying Active Thermal Concepts to remove the entire roof, Nelson said Kinzenbaw Excavating can remove the roof as part of the demolition process. Thermal Active Concepts gave the city a discount, because they did not remove asbestos from the roof, and the city will pay them $800 to have experts on site to help Kinzenbaw with the roof removal, Nelson said.

The house should only take a few days to knock down, he said.

The debris will probably stay until spring, and area farmers will pay for the trucking to hall away debris to use for rip-rap, since the house is made mostly of concrete, Nelson said.

Then the city will move forward with the tennis and basketball courts project and receive revised bids.


Marengo City Council member Bill Kreis said he wants to remind residents that snowmobiles are not allowed to ride on city streets.

“There has been an increasing number of snowmobiles on the streets of Marengo again,” Kreis said. “People may still remember, but it has been 25 years since we had an accident that killed someone.”

UPDATED January 27, 2010 12:04 PM

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