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Victor receives notice for burn pile


The City of Victor received a notice of violation at the Dec. 17 council meeting in regards to the location of the city’s open brush burning site.

According to the notice issued by DNR environmental specialist Aaron Pickens, the DNR office received an anonymous complaint regarding the tree/leaf burn site located east of the wastewater treatment plant. The complaint stated that solid waste was being burned at the burn site. Pickens investigated the complaint Nov. 24 and observed miscellaneous solid waste, including drywall, bags of garbage, tires and televisions, had been dumped or burned at the site.

Based on Pickens’ investigation, multiple violations were noted. In particular, the tree burn site is unfenced and access is uncontrolled. Also, the tree burn site is located well within the minimum required separation distance of a quarter mile and the non-exempt materials (solid waste) were being burned.

The city must submit a letter of intention to the DNR by Jan. 23 as to how they will come into compliance.

Victor city clerk and city attorney Fred Stiefel sent a letter to Pickens Dec. 7 stating the city will comply with the requirements. Stiefel wrote that the city’s intent has always been that the dump is for brush only and that only the city employees do the actual burning.

Victor public works employee Jeff Verdeck told the council Dec. 17 he is looking at other possible sites to move the burn site. He said he would like to find a site within a mile of the city.

Victor City Council member Joan Robinson made the point the city is not required to provide a burn site. She also said the state legislature may be looking at changing the regulations.

Council member Lynn DeNeve said his preference would be to gate the burn site and leave it at its current location.

Mayor Roger Pawlak suggested tabling the issue until the next meeting, and reply to the DNR at that time.

The next council regular meeting is Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. at city hall.


The Victor City Council approved the concept of accepting a gift of land from Don Rohrer, Victor, Dec. 17.

Rohrer is offering a gift of approximately 3.3 acres of land to the city. The council is attempting to learn if the piece of ground does indeed connect to land already owned by the city. The council wants to be sure the gift, which is near the city sewer plant and dump, is not landlocked. Mayor Roger Pawlak said he is sure the city owns the connecting land, but the recorded conveyance cannot be found.

The land is valued at approximately $45,000. Pawlak stressed the city is not paying for the land.


The Victor City Council voted 4-1 to approve the first reading of an ordinance to raise the city council wages to $35 per meeting.

Currently, the city council members earn $25 per meeting. The ordinance must be approved a total of three times and would not go in effect until January 2012.

Council member Lynn DeNeve opposed the motion.

• The council will pay Mayor Roger Pawlak an extra $10 a year to process the utility bills. Currently Pawlak is paid $110 a year. With the increase taking effect January 2010, he will receive $120 a year. The fee has not been raised in two years.


The city received a gift of $500 from the Manatt Family Foundation to support the senior meal program.

UPDATED December 30, 2009 11:48 AM

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