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Iowa Valley Auditorium roof complete


The roofing project over the auditorium of the Iowa Valley High School was completed Friday, Dec. 18.

IV Superintendent Alan Jensen told the Iowa Valley School Board Monday, Dec. 21, Advanced Builders Inc. have completed phase one of the auditorium renovation project.

A total of 19,500 square feet was replaced on the roof.

Jensen said the school did not restrict Advanced Builders to a timeline. He did say the project came in on budget. Advanced Builders submitted a bid of $224,500 to replace the roof, and Jensen said there was not one change order.

“They stuck right on it,” Jensen said. “I’m happy with it. I am looking forward to getting it dried out this winter.”

Humidity in the auditorium has caused the plaster to crack and other damage in the auditorium, Jensen said. The new roof should go a long way to combating that problem, he said.

The Iowa Valley School Board approved a payment of $6,811.50 to Advanced Builders. Jensen said the board still has a retainage of $11,225 that will be paid once the warrants are processed.

The Iowa Valley School Board also discussed the possibility of moving forward with phase two of the project in the summer of 2010.

Jensen said present and former staff members from the fine arts departments met with architect Roger Worm and Todd Spacek of Henneman Engineering Dec. 17 to discuss the next phase of the auditorium renovation.

The list of issues they discussed was fairly long, but Jensen mentioned a few issues of note.

There is a need for a larger entrance to the stage/auditorium, he said. Larger props cannot be carried into the auditorium because all of the doors have a center pole that cannot be removed. Jensen said they are looking at building a double door out of the east dressing room.

They also discussed expanding the control room in the balcony to facilitate both sound and lights. Jensen said the room is not being used currently and sound and lights are run from a table on the ground floor.

There was a consensus to completely remove the orchestra pit from the front of the stage, he said. The pit will be leveled to match the floor.

“It’s not really deep enough to drop an orchestra in there anyway,” Jensen said.

A need to control the heating and cooling issues was also discussed, he said. They found there is a need to control the humidity during the spring, summer and fall in order to preserve the renovation work.

The Iowa Valley Foundation is raising money to replace the seats in the auditorium, and Jensen said three or four vendors will be brought in so board members and foundation members can consider several different options.

There are eight skylights in the auditorium, all which have been shut off by the roofing project, Jensen said. At the cost of $35,000, he said the architect suggested creating a canopy with backlight over the skylights. If it becomes a budget issue, Jensen said the board can look at renovating only four of the skylights, or scrapping the project all together.

The house lighting will be replaced with an efficient lighting system, Jensen said.

They are looking to start construction in June, 2010, he said. The architect will come back to the board with different options and costs in February or January. The board will finalize specifications and go to bid in March or April, Jensen said.

The project could potentially be finished as late as September because the auditorium is not used for fall sports or physical education, he said.

“It wouldn’t hurt us if the work didn’t get done until September. It isn’t like we have to have it done to occupy it,” Jensen said.

The estimated cost for phase two is $415,000, just for the interior work, he said, such as the walls, the shells, replastering and painting. The estimate does not include the cost for stage lighting, the sound system, seating or the expansion of the control room.

“It’s just a guess right now,” Jensen said. “Once the specifications get drawn up he will come up with another estimate.”

IV Elementary School Principal Cindy Miller mentioned the architect will search for pictures of the original auditorium in order to keep the historic aspects of the facility.


IV High School Principal Shawn Kreman told the school board that Twin Cedars School District requested admittance to the SICL conference. Twin Cedars is located in the town of Bussey, about 15 miles southwest of Oskaloosa. It has a K-12 enrollment of 520 students.

Twin Cedars is 92 miles away from Iowa Valley.

“Personally speaking, 92 miles is a long way and I don’t see where the benefit is for our particular conference,” Kreman said.

Each of the 11 school districts currently in the SICL conference has a vote on whether to accept Twin Cedars. It takes seven votes to admit the school into the conference.

Kreman said the vote is not until January, and the school board can decide how they want to vote at the January Iowa Valley School Board meeting.


IV High School Principal Shawn Kreman brought up the idea of holding the 2010 senior graduation ceremony on the football field. He said he would poll the seniors and bring a recommendation to the January school board meeting.


The Iowa Valley School Board approved a request allowing the Spanish students to take a trip to Mexico July 17-24.

IV Spanish teacher Jalene Megchelsen said 11 junior have signed up so far to spend a week at the Institute of Modern Spanish in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

The students will stay with host families and will attend Spanish classes with native speakers and take excursions throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.

The total cost for housing, meals, classes and excursions is $682. The anticipated cost for plane tickets is under $500, Megchelsen said.

The students have participated in fundraising activities, including mailing letters to local businesses, family and friends asking for sponsorships. The students have also taught Spanish language classes to Iowa Valley Elementary students.

UPDATED December 30, 2009 11:49 AM

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