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New attorney in Marengo


From left, Keith Larson, Deb Maas, Gretchen Kochuyt and Eric Tindal will be working out of the former Martens Law Office, Marengo.

Eric Tindal, Williamsburg, was hired to be Marengo City Attorney Monday, May 10.

Tindal, a partner with Nidey, Wenzel, Erdahl, Tindal and Fischer, PLC, and the city attorney for Williamsburg, will step in for former Marengo city attorney Ken Martens, who passed away April 14.

In addition, Keith Larson, an attorney with Tindal’s law firm, was approved as the assistant city attorney.

Nidey, Wenzel, Erdahl, Tindal and Fischer, PLC, acquired Ken Martens’ law firm effective April 16 and have moved into the office at 1017 Court Ave.

Larson will operate out of the office Monday through Friday. Tindal will remain based out of his office in Williamsburg, but will be in and out of the Marengo office.

Approximately a week before Martens passed away, he called Tindal and inquired if Tindal was interested in taking over his practice in Marengo.

“We discussed the details and I agreed to do that,” Tindal said. “He wanted to make sure someone would come in that would provide the same service to his clients. It is a real privilege to try to carry on for Ken as well as his clients.”

Tindal said the two main reasons the offer was attractive was the loyalty of Martens’ clients and the loyalty of the staff in the office.

“I’m just excited to pick up where Ken left off,” Tindal said. “Ken had a diverse practice, from court appointed cases from the county to probate and real estate.”

Tindal, 37, grew up in Kalona and graduated from the University of Iowa Law School in 2000. At the age of 17 he enrolled in the Army reserves and was a respiratory specialist, serving all the way through law school.

Tindal opened his office in Williamsburg in 2001 and has been there ever since. He and his wife, Cindy, have two daughters, Anna 10, and Abby, 8.

Keith Larson, 29, grew up in Long Island, N.Y., and earned his law degree from the University of Maryland. He clerked for a judge in Washington D.C. for one year before moving to Coralville in September 2009. His wife, Ashleigh, is attending grad school at the University of Iowa and works at Iowa Testing.

Larson joined Nidey, Wenzel, Erdahl, Tindal and Fischer, PLC, in December, and said he loves Iowa, especially now that it is warming up.

“It’s been a lot of fun working with the firm. They are very family friendly and it is interesting work,” Larson said. “I just want to get involved in the community, go to city council meetings and town events.”

Larson said working for the law firm out of the Marengo office will be a great benefit to his career. He said he will be able to hone his skills in different areas of law, particularly city council meetings.

Tindal said he will attend every Marengo City Council meeting and will look to eventually turn the duties over to Larson. Tindal noted that when he became the assistant city attorney for Williamsburg, he sat in on meetings for a year before taking on the regular duties.

“The experience was incredibly valuable,” he said.

Marengo City Administrator Brent Nelson said even though the city will have a city attorney and an assistant city attorney, they will not be paid for “double duty.”

Nelson said they will receive the same pay as Martens.

UPDATED May 18, 2010 12:39 PM

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