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Plastics plant expanding



Kelly Plastics, Marengo, installed two 36-foot silos at its facility Monday, June 14. The silos will help the company store resin in bulk for its increase in production.

With an increase in business, Kelly Plastics, Inc., 297 W. Dillin St., Marengo, is expanding.

Company owners brought in two 36-foot tall silos to hold bulk resin. Kelly Plastics co-owner Mike McInnis said the silos will be used for bulk truck delivery. They can deliver 40,000 pounds per load and blow it into the silos.

“It saves on packaging and allows us to have better buying power,” MCinnis said.

Kelly Plastics, a custom injection molder company, has four or five customers, including Bunn appliances, that are ordering more parts. Due to the increase in work, McInnis said they needed to free up warehouse space, so they built the bulk resin silos outside where it is easier for delivery trucks to unload.

The silos will also allow Kelly Plastics to store resin for three months at a time, which will help them avoid price increases.

Kelly Plastics now operates 24 hours for five days a week and has 12 employees on staff.


UPDATED June 22, 2010 12:21 PM

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