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City amends streetscape contract


Marengo City Council met Friday, June 4, to approve an amendment to alternate number two of the downtown streetscape construction project.

The change order increases the amount the city will spend hooking up downtown businesses to the new water main.

As part of the streetscape project, the city requires all businesses located along the project to hook up to the new water main being installed.

Marengo City Administrator Brent Nelson said the city is trying to make sure there is a separate service line to each business. He said the city has learned that several businesses share service lines, and in the past, when water is shut off to one business, then the water is accidentally shut off to several other businesses.

In addition, Nelson said according to the city code, each business is required to have its own water service line.

Also according to the code, Nelson said it is the business’ responsibility to hook up the service line from the water main to the business, and install a curb stop. However, Nelson said the city will pay to run the service line from the main to the building, and install a curb stop where necessary. It is the responsibility of each individual business to hook up its building to the service line.

When the Marengo City Council originally approved the alternate bid to install the service lines, Nelson said the council only approved enough expenditures to cover 10 buildings.

Now that the streetscape project is underway, Nelson said they have discovered anywhere from 32 to 40 businesses will be required to hook up to the water main.

Rather than approve payment for a specific number of buildings, Nelson requested the council approve a cost per service line. Nelson requested the council approve an amendment stating the city will pay no more than $1,300 per service line.

“If they don’t have to go to great lengths to get under the building, it could be less. But it won’t be more than $1,300,” Nelson said.

In total, installing the service lines could cost the city anywhere from approximately $41,600 to $52,000.

Marengo City Council member Mike Curry asked why this issue wasn’t determined when the council initially approved the project.

Nelson said the city wasn’t aware that, in some places, as many as three businesses were sharing the same water line.

“Probably when we started, we should have done this on a per (service line) basis, not knowing what we were getting into,” Nelson said.

UPDATED June 9, 2010 3:08 PM

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