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Iowa Valley Auditorium bid awarded


The Iowa Valley School Board approved a low bid from Garling Construction to undertake the high school auditorium renovation project.

Five contractors bid on the project, and Garling Construction, Belle Plaine, had the lowest bid with $589,700.

The school board voted 4-1 to approve the bid, with contention being in regards to whether or not to install air conditioning. The board voted to install air conditioning as an alternate bid of $122,000, which is included in the total cost.

Garling submitted a base bid of $438,000 to undertake the general work of re-plastering the walls of the auditorium, painting, electrical work and floor work, etc.

The school board approved five alternate bids in addition to the base bid. Alternate number one was installing the air conditioning.

IV School Board member Mark Swift, who voted in opposition to the bid, said if the auditorium is not going to be used in the summer, then why does it need air conditioning? Swift noted that the school rents out the auditorium for $100, and they only rent it out once a year. He said it will cost $4,000 in annual utility bills to air condition the auditorium, and at some point the unit will have to be replaced.

IV School Board member Dennis Roberts said so long as the school is putting money into renovating the auditorium, the air conditioning needs to be there for the people to appreciate the auditorium. He said the air conditioning will also help preserve the renovation work.

Roberts also noted that with air conditioning, the auditorium might get used more.

IV Superintendent Alan Jensen said air conditioning provides a level of insurance to protect the board’s investment in the auditorium project. He said a lot of moisture comes into the building, and the air conditioning will provide circulation to prevent mold and deterioration.

IV School Board President Jane Fry said several members of the community have commented to her that the auditorium should have air conditioning.

Alternate number two for the project is to add three doors for the cost of $4,500. Alternate number three is brick infill for the cost of $11,000. Alternate number four is two additional electrical panels for the cost of $7,000. Alternate number five is adding theater lighting for the cost of $7,200.

In addition, the contract is to repair 2,000 square feet of damage. If Garling discovers more area needs to be repaired, they will charge $12 per additional square foot. Garling submitted the lowest bid for unit price for additional work.

Garling’s total bid of $589,700 is under the architect’s estimated cost of $667,000 given in April 22. The estimated cost does include the cost for new seating, which is not included in Garling’s bid.

The Iowa Valley Community School District Foundation is raising money for the new seating, which Jensen said will cost approximately $80,000.

Garling cannot begin the renovation project until the seats are removed, which won’t be completed until the week of June 14, said IV business manager Lynda Johnson.

UPDATED June 9, 2010 3:07 PM

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