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Community participation great at farmers market

To the Editor:

Thanks to the people of Williamsburg and surrounding areas for participating in the local farmers market. I joined the Williamsburg Garden Exchange this winter and found a great group of women who know how to get things done, respectfully and professionally.

The farmers market is the group’s pet project. They have established a new organization, brought in new vendors and new customers. They continue to work on “getting the word out” and promoting the weekly market. 

Building an event like this takes time and support from the community.  What is happening on Friday afternoons in Williamsburg’s town square is similar to what I imagine small towns used to be like. People bring in their produce, homemade items and locally produced products. The kids go to play in the park. Someone starts tossing a Frisbee. The customers stop to talk to neighbors and the vendors join them. They talk to each other, share stories and gardening advice. Products are sold, small businesses begin and everyone goes home feeling happy and productive.

I can’t think of better scenario for our town. It is one of the better things about living in a rural county. Please join us from 4 to 6 p.m. on Friday afternoons this summer.

s/Maria Koschmeder,Williamsburg








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