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Honoring all military and veterans on July 4!

The Belle Plaine Military Support Group is planning to recognize and pay tribute to all members of our military, as well as all veterans on the 4th of July at Franklin Park in Belle Plaine. Please plan to attend the parade as well as all the festivities at Belle Plaine’s 4th of July celebration, but especially near the ball diamond at 8:30 p.m. where we will have a short program honoring those currently serving, along with all veterans. If you would like to make sure someone is included in this tribute, please contact one of us with that person’s name and military status (currently serving or veteran).

If you have a friend or loved one who is currently serving, we would very much appreciate it if you would provide us with that person’s name, along with a picture, address, and information concerning their military service thus far. This would include those serving at home as well as overseas. As always, we are more than willing to accept donations to help with the cost of sending cards and packages to our local men and women who are deployed. Thank you to all who have contributed in the past. WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!

For more information, please contact any of the following members of the Belle Plaine Military Support Group. As always, please continue to keep our troops in your prayers. Thank you very much!

Mari Grieder - 444-2989

Jennifer Mehlert - 444-2205

Carolyn Kurovski - 444-3988

Jane Hrabak  - 444-3304

Lori Dunning  - 444-2765

The facts

Dear Editor:

Let’s clarify a few “facts” (obviously heard on FAUX News) from a recent letter. The bailout of General Motors began on George Bush’s watch with a TARP payment of $13.4 billion and $20 billion in U.S Treasury loans in December of 2008, before Obama became President. Loans to GM and other corporations and banks were necessary to prevent a complete economic meltdown and seemed to have worked, as we have had a “soft landing” rather than a catastrophic crash. As far as the GM bondholders, anyone who purchases unsecured corporate debt should know that they are taking a risk and may lose a large part or all of their investment if the company declares bankruptcy. Individual investors who are saving for retirement or a rainy day may want to buy mutual funds rather than invest in a single company in order to diversify and lessen their risk. By the way, when you’re thinking about missing government funds, what about the $12 billion in taxpayers’ money that disappeared in Iraq during the Bush years? Is anyone looking for that?

The “Cadillac Tax” on healthcare is a tax that a COMPANY, not an individual, will pay if it offers its employees a high dollar health care plan. The thinking here is that the tax will ultimately lower health care costs by shifting companies away from these expensive plans and cause them and their employees to become more watchful healthcare consumers. If an employee has to pay a $50 co-pay rather than $10, perhaps they will be more prudent in their visits to the doctor’s office, taking care of serious illnesses but not making an appointment every time someone has the sniffles. By the way, the Republican Party had a healthcare plan idea, too. It was something about bartering with your doctor and offering him or her chicken in exchange for a check-up. Hard to believe that we passed on that great idea from the Party of “No”!

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I’m unhappy with some of Obama’s policies at this point: His continuation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, his lack of enthusiasm for some real Wall Street reform and his unwavering support of Israel no matter what atrocities have been committed. But, really, corrupt? The most corrupt administration in history? Were you out of the country during the Nixon (Watergate) and Reagan (Iran-Contra scandal) years?

Sue Martin

Chelsea, Iowa

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