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The Long View

By Andrea Furlong

EV students doing a great job

The population of musically talented students has really grown at English Valleys since I started covering them two and a half years ago. I think everyone who attended the annual swing show on March 13, including myself, can vouch for that. The high school concert band sounded incredible on what seemed to be a technically difficult piece: “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End;”  the choir has a stronger tenor through bass section than ever before; and every single individual or group act was truly impressive. I even saw a few standing ovations from the crowd.

As someone from a school not much bigger than EV, I know how hard it is to have good arts programs and how rare it is to find students that are really good at what they do in the arts when you have a much smaller student population to work with. So, I am really impressed with this school that I’ve been covering for the last two years and its students who are putting their hearts into their performances.

Thank you to all the students for being brave enough to share your talents, whether you were part of a musical ensemble, performed a solo, performed as a group or acted in “That 70s Show” skit. Every student was at the top of their game during the performance and it really showed. It was just one stunner after another on the program.   

Thank you especially to Brittney Adams, Taylor Grimm, Dakota Hudson, Jorie Icenbice, Drew McGuire, Mary Beth Miller, Ben Schauer, the Valentine sisters (Samantha, Rachel and Alexis) and Calli Zimmerman. You all sounded terrific on your vocal or instrumental solos. I hope those that are at EV next year will become regulars at the swing show and will give other talented EV students the courage to explore and share their musical gifts.

And, thank you to the “Bohemian Rhapsody” singers (Steff Agnew, Miranda Clabaugh, Courtney Cox, Ashley Fisher, Cori Hugins, Nevena Manic, Jenna Miller and Emily Warwick) for bringing comedy and originality to the swing show. I hope students like yourselves will continue to bring diversity to the types of entertainment acts featured in the swing show.

On a different note, judging by the rehearsal of EV’s spring play, “The Nerd,” we also have a growing number of excellent student actors and actresses.

To all the students involved in the arts at EV: Keep up the good work.





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