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Money Makers


With summer getting closer, parks and recreations are looking for employees. Teenage kids are looking for summer jobs to help fulfill their summer dreams of making money. There are a variety of jobs around Belle Plaine that kids are doing.

Sophomore, Katie Croft, said, “I work at the pool, and I am excited for seeing the boys in their swimming trunks!!!”

Freshman, Austin Brown, said, “I cut grass for a summer job, and I dislike it because it’s hot and grassy.”

Junior, Kellie Freeman, said, “I work as a lifeguard, and Pizza Hut as summer jobs, I know this summer will be busy for me.”

Senior, Ryan Rupp, said, “I supervise people rogue corn, I like it because it’s an easy job and I get paid a lot of money.”

Sophomore, Cody Chekal, said, “I need to find a job, but I don’t currently have one. I need to get one for my summer money!”

Junior, Blake Eberhart, said “Detasseling will be my only job, because I have detasseled every summer for the past four years. I detassel because I need the money for shoes, clothes, etc.

This summer will be very busy for Belle Plaine kids, a lot of them have summer sports and one or more summer jobs. Everyone is looking forward to summer as it’s getting closer.

Embarrassing Stories


Have you ever seen someone fall down the stairs in front of a group of hot guys, getting clothes lined in the neighbor’s yard, maybe even busting out their two front teeth on a picnic table? Everyone encounters embarrassing moments, including students here in the Belle Plaine High School. Here are a few:

Sydney Walther, a sophomore, said, “My most embarrassing moment was when I was running around my grandma’s yard. The grass was wet and slippery. I slipped in the grass, slid under the picnic table; hit my chest on the seat and mouth on the table, knocking out my two front teeth.”

Darrian Conway, a sophomore, said, “My most embarrassing moment was when I was at a hotel with a friend. A group of hot guys was standing in the hallway. While walking down the stairs, I managed to skip one and tumbled down the rest. One of the guys asked if I was okay, then they all burst into laughter.”

Taylor Schafbuch, a senior, said, “My most embarrassing moment was when I was seven years old, in gymnastics, and I  asked my instructor if I could go to the bathroom and was told no. So I peed on the balance beam and then quit gymnastics.”

Salina Cantu, a sophomore, said “My most embarrassing moment was when I was riding my bike standing up, and there was a clothes line in front of my neighbor’s house that I didn’t see. While riding my bike the clothes line hit my neck and flew me backwards.”

Dylan Ehlen, a senior, said, “I was four years old when my most embarrassing moment happened. I was at my uncle’s house, and so was my uncle’s state wrestling team. His sisters thought it would be funny to dress me in a flower dress and have me sing Barbie Girl.”

Emily Foels, a junior, said, “My most embarrassing moment was when I was talking to my best friend about her ex boyfriend. I was talking crap about him when I turned around to see him standing right behind me.

A lot of people have either had or witnessed an embarrassing moment. Don’t be shy about it, it happens to everyone. Plus they make a good story later on!

Students of the Month for March and April


Every month the faculty selects one student who has excelled in his/her classroom.  This award is given in recognition for the student’s hard work in the classroom.  The students of the month for March are as follows:

Math-Brian Crow;  English-Laura Johnson; Science-Brenna Ford; Social Studies-Sam Brennecke; Business-Marlee Schminke; Family & Consumer Science-Emily Upah; Spanish-Nicole Thys; German-Katie Chilcote; Physical Education-Zack Bartlett; Art-Darrian Conway; and Music-Matt Nicolas O’Brien..

The students of the month for April are as follows:

Math-Devin Conway;  English-Alexis Farr; Science-Brandon Viall; Business-Megan Formanek; Family & Consumer Science-Allie Upah; Spanish-Megan Abernathy; German-Jana Miller; Physical Education-Trelys Mitchell; and Art-Sydney Walther;

Those were the students of the month for March and April. Congratulations and keep up the hard work.  Make sure you keep reading. Be sure to watch for the students of the month for May. 

Belle Plaine High School’s favorite TV shows


At Belle Plaine High School, students and faculty have different views on what they like to watch. The programs or movies range from comedies to detective shows to dramatic thrillers.

Mr. Phelps, k-12 Principal, stated, “I always enjoyed old comedies such as Bob Newhart, Andy Griffith, and Mash. I also enjoy college basketball and crime scene shows such as CSI and CSI: NY.”

Mrs. Rupp, substitute English teacher, said, “I have always liked Bewitched, The Good Wife, and The Wizard of Oz, which in my eyes was robbed of the Academy Award in 1939 by Gone with the Wind, which still angers her today.”

As teachers have their own opinions on what they like to watch we students are much different when it comes to what we like to watch.

Tim Muench, freshman, stated, “I like funny shows such as Spongebob Squarepants, American’s Funniest Videos, actually just funny shows in general.”

Chris Robinson, sophomore, stated, “I enjoy shows like House, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and anything on the History Channel.”

Garrett Rollins, junior, stated, I like ESPN News, and KCRG News to keep informed on sports.”

Curtis Rethman, senior, stated, “I like shows like Extreme 4X4, Power block, and any show that involves automotive work.”

As time goes on the students and teachers will most likely change their minds on what their favorite shows are because there are always new shows to choose from.  However the staff as it seems enjoys the “oldies but goodies.”

Trends of the 1960’s


The 1960s were extremely different from today. The outfits and hairstyles were bizarre. People rarely look like that today.

Their wardrobe seemed very odd. On their heads, they would wear headbands and the curlier the hair the better. Beads were very popular. People would wear wide collars and huge medallions. Their skirts would have chains hanging off them. Finally their shoes would be mix matched or they’d wear knee high socks or boots.

During the 1960’s the population was approximately 177,830,000 and the unemployed people were about 3,852,000. The United States were about $286.3 billion in debt. Minimum wage back then was $1.00. Now our minimum wage is $7.25. Also, the gas prices were 31 cents! That is a big difference!

The songs that mom and dad mostly hated were: “Lets Spend a Night Together” by the Rolling Stones, “Rainy Day Woman” by Bob Dylan, and “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly.

In the 1960’s, times were very different than today. Trends, prices, clothing, and national debt were much different. It is interesting to look back in the past and see the changes over time.

The 90s


The 90’s were the time of Grunge, schoolgirl looks, Mary Janes, Nirvana, the Backstreet Boys, and N’sync. Maybe you’d rather run and hide than be seen leaving the house looking like you just rolled out of bed. It was cool in the 90’s. Lots of people liked grunge music and fashion.

The Schoolgirl look of baby doll dresses with puffed sleeves and thigh-high socks became popular. Brittany Spears was the one who started the schoolgirl look. Denim was all the rage throughout the 90’s. Kids stepped out in style with Doc Martens, Mary Janes and Platform Sneakers. These are only a few of the many styles from the 90’s.

Some popular cars of the 90’s are the 1993 Pontiac Grand Am, the 1990 Ford Mustang Convertible, the 1998 Subaru Outback, the 1993 BMW 328, and the 1993 Dodge Ram 2500. A lot of movies from the 90’s are still popular now. The Lion King, Jurassic Park, Titanic, Scream, Bravehart, Dazed and Confused, and Thelma and Louise are just a few popular movies.

Those are just a few of the many great things from the 90’s. In the 90’s Nirvana started the grunge look with their long greasy hair and their grunge music. The kids of today may laugh at some of the trends of the 90’s, but the classic cars, music, and movies will live on.

Technology Today


What’s the new technology of today? What’s most popular?  Cell phones, cars, electronics, or Ipods and mp3 players?  Some BPHS students said:

"Phones because it lets you talk to people you don't get to see very often or you can arrange something to do." Dani Chilcote, freshman.

"I would say either Ipods or phones because people love listening to music and Ipods are very popular. Phones are also popular because all everyone does anymore is text, like me." Kaley Hamilton, freshman.

"Either phones or Ipods because you can communicate with phones and with Ipods you can listen to music, and people like to do both." Breanna Robertson, freshman.

Trends and technology are constantly changing.  It makes everyone wonder what’s next.  With technology come new challenges, but a lot of fun too.

Technology of Today


There are many new and different advances in technology. There are new and improved phones with apps (applications). There are cars that are fast and efficient. Electronics have improved like TV’s with HD or high definition.

New phones seem to come out every month. Some can hold up to or more than 1,000 apps and contacts. The newest phones are a true advancement in technology, touch phones. Touch phones are able to tell which application you select with just a touch as indicated in the name.

Cars are becoming more and more fuel efficient with the previous constant raises in gas prices. Electronics such as I-pods are able to hold more songs. Portable computers or laptops are getting smaller and thinner every year. It’s great to live in this time; technology can only make life easier.

Teen Suicide


It’s hard to think about how a teenager could take his/her life while they have so much ahead of them. Has something unfortunate happened recently in your family and your teens aren’t taking it very well and you are wondering if they are considering suicide? Well here are some facts and warning signs about teen suicide.

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death of teens age 15-19 in Iowa. 10% of kids from grades sixth to eleventh have either thought about suicide or have tried to commit suicide. At least two teenagers take their lives every month in the state of Iowa.

Here are some of the warning signs that your teen could be thinking about suicide. Attempting to commit suicide in the past, talk of suicide or planning, giving away favorite things or giving up favorite activities, recent loss of a friend or family member through suicide, sudden changes in personality, new involvement in life threatening hobbies, sudden decline or improvement in school work, being involved in drugs or alcohol, engaging in physical fights, being over weight, being homosexual, being raped, and chronic headaches or fatigue. If you see some of these signs in your teen then you should talk to them about what has been going on. If you really believe your teen might be suicidal then you should call the 24 hour Iowa suicide hotline 1-800-332-4224, or the nation wide suicide hotline 1-800-SUICIDE.

Some ways to help the situation are getting your teen a job in the summer working 20 or more hours a week. Most teens considering suicide don’t need a therapist; they just need someone to talk to. They may feel alone and like no one cares so just talk to them and then go from there. If you feel that the situation is severe then you should get them a therapist. Knowing the signs of suicide is a start so you are able to help or prevent a teen from doing something that will cause permanent harm.


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