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Supervisors make annual appointments for 2010

VINTON - The Benton County Board of Supervisors prepared for the new calendar year by making several appointments at their last meeting of 2009, held last Tuesday, Dec. 29, at the courthouse in Vinton.

Jason Sanders was appointed board chairman, and Ron Buch is vice chairman.

The board designated the official newspapers for Benton County for 2010 as The Star Press Union, The Cedar Valley Times, and The Vinton Eagle. 

Treasurer Kelly Geater spoke with the board about renewing a service contract with Pitney Bowes for a postage meter.  The agreement, if signed now, would save the county money over a five-year period as well as up front fees.  The board approve this.

The board made appointments to the Benton County Eminent Domain board for 2010. 


Licensed Real Estate Sales Person or Real Estate Broker

Denise Weeda, Danny Kaestner, Gloria Feuerbach, Shannon Feuerbach, Carmie Behrens, Wayne Siela, Kathy Tranel and Marion Schminke.

Persons Having Knowledge of Property Values by Reason of Occupation

Roger Schlarbaum, Carol Goodchild, Jeff Geiger, Dave Coulter, Mary Wauters, Harold Knaack Jr. and Melissa McBride.

Owner-Operator Agricultural Property

Bonnie Sanders, Judi Hertle, David Rhinehart, Denise Wiley, John Elwick, Wayne Riley and Todd Hennings.

Owners of City or Town Property

Darold Sindt, Jeff Kelly, Earlene Clausen, Janice Eldred, Larry Weeda, Connie Ogier and Lloyd Benson.

The board adopted Resolution #09-1, authorizing the auditor to issue checks in 2010.

The board appointed the following to respective boards for 2010. 

North Benton Family Resource Center (HACAP) - Supervisor Vermedahl

Regional HACAP –Supervisor Sanders

Emergency Management Commission - Supervisor Sanders, Supervisor Vermedahl, Alternate

Resource Enhancement & Protection (REAP) - Supervisor Vermedahl

Solid Waste Disposal Commission Advisory Board - Supervisor Buch, Supervisor Vermedahl, Alternate, Supervisor Sanders, Alternate

County Conference Board - Supervisor Sanders, Supervisor Buch, Supervisor Vermedahl

Benton County Health Board – Supervisor Sanders, Ex-Officio

6th Judicial District Department of Corrections – Supervisor David Vermedahl

Workforce Development - Supervisor Buch

Eastern Iowa Tourism – Supervisor Sanders, Supervisor Buch, Alternate, Supervisor Vermedahl, Alternate

North Iowa Juvenile Detention – Supervisor Buch

Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC) – Supervisor Sanders

Regional Child Support Recovery – Buch

Benton County Empowerment Board – Buch

Benton County Conservation – Supervisor Sanders, Ex-Officio

The board appointed Myron Parizek as Benton County’s ADA Coordinator for 2010. 

The board deferred action on appointing a compensation board member and the civil rights coordinator until this week pending legal research.

The board also deferred action on appointing members to the Benton County Public Health Board until a current board member could be contacted to ascertain their interest in remaining on the board.  One application was received requesting appointment.

The board appointed Judi Hertle, Larry Beatty and Dan Kaestner to the Benton County Zoning Commission for three-year terms.  

The board deferred action appointing members to the Benton Development Group until it can be determined if members have to be public officials.

The board appointed Ranae Tharp to the Benton County Foundation for a three-year period. 

The board appointed Vermedahl as trustee to the Heartland Insurance Group and Ron Buch as alternate. 

The board appointed Mary Williams to the MH/MR/DD Advisory Board, and Dave Vermedahl, alternate. 

The board also appointed Mary Williams to the FEMA/EFSP Board. 

Myron Parizek was appointed to the Eastern Iowa Airport Zoning Board for a three-year term. 

The board appointed the following to East Central Iowa Council of Governments’ Boards. 


Director:  Appointment deferred, Jason Sanders, Alternate


David Vermedahl, no alternates


Chris Justice, no alternates

The board appointed Nancy Farmer to the Benton County Decategorization Board. 

The board appointed Steve Runyan and Joan Lindberg to the Benton County Land Use Board of Adjustment for a five-year term. 

The board appointed the following to the Benefited Fire Districts for three-year terms. 

Van Horne Benefited #1 – Ronald Bossler

Keystone Benefited #2 – Tom Harty

Newhall Benefited #4 – Timothy Rathje

Ben-Linn Benefited #3-#5 – Jim Keiper

The board appointed Ilene Kreider and Melody Lohf to the Pioneer Cemetery Commission for terms ending Dec. 31, 2012. 

The board authorized the chair to sign the Statement of Non-Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy for 2010. 

The following were appointed to three-year terms on the Benton County Historic Preservation Commission: Alberta Reifenstahl and Martha Long. 

The auditor, Jill Marlow, also reviewed the use of the Community Disaster Assistance Grant with the supervisors.

UPDATED December 31, 2009 11:17 AM

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