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Atkins capital campaign visits begin for new town facility

Angela Gammill, Capital Campaign Chair for the Atkins Library and City Hall fund-raising campaign, has announced that campaign visits are beginning with area residents and businesses.

“Our volunteers have been trained and educated about the Atkins Library and City Hall building project and capital campaign,” said Gammill. “Now, many of those volunteers are beginning to visit with area residents and businesses. We plan to visit with as many campaign prospects as possible prior to the end of the year,” she said. “Then, in 2010, we will continue with our capital campaign.”

Gammill volunteered to chair the capital fund-raising campaign for a new Atkins Library and City Hall. Leading the campaign along with Gammill are Capital Campaign Honorary Co-Chairs Irvin and Dolores Keiper and Richard and Donna Scheer.

“Our volunteers are eager to meet with their campaign prospects and tell them about this worthy project,” Gammill said. “Volunteers have made decisions about conducting this campaign and are now prepared to invite others to join in the capital campaign. There may be some questions about the project and our volunteers are prepared to provide answers,” Gammill said.

The campaign goal is approximately $1.85 million. Campaign volunteers will ask prospects to consider a pledge payable over up to three years.

Campaign Leadership is joined by many area volunteers working on this project and raising the funds. Those volunteers are: Becky Albert, Luann Anderson, Cathy Becker, Nancy Bode, Darcy Brown, Jolene Busch, Tim Busch, Margee Crawley, Brian Cruise, Kirk Draper, Russ Grafton, Tim Harbach, Dick Hare, Brent Harvey, Chad Herrick, Dell James, Jim Kidwell, Mona Kidwell, Dick Lange, Kim Lynch, Flave Markland, Tracie Markland, Tyler Maschino, Dave McDonnell, Ruby Parris, Chris Schanbacher, Tony Smith, Sue Stallman, Art Taschner, Tami Timm, Tina Wisnoski, and Ralph Savoy of Cedar Rapids, Campaign Director.




UPDATED December 16, 2009 11:17 AM

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