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Background, experience

Pat Stepanek has been a resident of the Benton District for 29 years and has four children who attended the Benton schools from kindergarten through graduation from high school, three of whom are now married with children and living in the Benton District. He has served on many boards of directors, both in for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Professional & Educational Background

Member of the following professional organizations:


Other Community Activities

Role of school board, future of Benton

“I believe that the Benton School District and its administration are very good, but not perfect. There is always room for improvement. In my view, the current school board is not working hard enough to provide cooperative leadership to move the district forward. If elected I hope to be part of changing that.

“As a CPA with a great deal of professional experience in the financial services area, I hope to bring greater fiscal leadership to the board. The current Board leadership has spent more than $60,000 of our tax dollars on attorney fees in the last 15 months. I believe that was unnecessary and did nothing to provide our students with a better education. When approving the addition at the Atkins Center, there were a couple of alternate bids requested that could have saved more than $100,000. I was at the board meeting when the bids were approved and the alternates were never even discussed. As a board member, I would keep a focus on fiscal responsibility.

“I want to bring that experience to our School Board and hope to help make our school the best educational experience it can be for our students, which will include my ten grandchildren currently living in the district.”

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UPDATED August 25, 2009 4:59 PM

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