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Age: 64

Family: Wife Barbara; daughter Kris; son Bret; three stepchildren, Brad, Blake and Bruce; four grandchildren

Education: Master’s degree

Business/profession: Retired

Organizations: Director of Benton Food Pantry

Church affiliation: Prairie View Christian Church, Norway

Past school board experience: Served last term

What is your role as a member of the school board?

Make policy and insure its use

What are your thoughts about where the district is now?

Several building projects in progress, general fund is in great shape

What are your thoughts about the district’s future?

 Continued use of the sharing program between HLV and BP, increased use of Internet classroom to meet the needs of individual students

What do you view as the district’s current biggest challenge?

 Continued pressure by the state to go toward consolidation to much larger schools

If re-elected, what would you like to see done in your next term? 

• Finish construction of the two additions

• Review our board policy

• A working ICN network in the high school

• Ensure students are taught more than the three R's to include responsibility for their own actions and time management through implementation of board policies

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UPDATED August 28, 2009 2:23 PM

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