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Parizek resigns as Belle Plaine City Council member

Council also debates airport and police cars

The Belle Plaine City Council accepted the resignation of City Council member Jason Parizek Monday night at their regular meeting.

In his letter of resignation, he explained his business has expanded to the Tama/Toledo area. He wrote, “I believe I am no longer able to give my full dedication to the community as a council member. I would like to donate my time in the future towards helping the community in any way possible, but until then, I must keep focus on my career and business and keep it as my No. 1 priority.” Mayor James Daily thanked Parizek for his service. City Administrator Bill Daily said a notice needs to be published that the council plans to appoint a council member on July 19.

Other business

A nuisance hearing was held for Tracy Alden, 810 7th Street. Alden requested an extension on her nuisance violation.

The board set Monday, June 21 at 6 p.m. as the time for a public hearing on a loan agreement for no more than $450,000, to be used for the aquatic center, and payable solely from pledges of funds donated to the city.

A resolution of necessity was approved for those who have failed to pay mowing and utility bills. There were 11 residents with unpaid mowing bills, and three with past due water bills.

A beer permit was approved for the Belle Plaine Fourth of July celebration for the Fourth of July Committee. Opposed was council member Garrison Reekers, who said he didn’t care for the beer tent near the location of the kids’ activities.

A Class C Liquor License and Sunday Sales Permit were approved for The Office.

The council approved blocking off 12th Street at 6 p.m. for the The Oasis, in front of their business, during the Wallace Winkie Benefit on June 12. Police Chief Kris Hudson was concerned about beer being consumed on Main Street, and asked if the business would provide private security. The council agreed to add the provision that two uniformed security people be provided.

Police Chief Hudson requested permission to seek bids for a police car, and to apply for a CHP Hiring Grant through COPS. Hudson said there would be enough funds to replace the 2005 Impala as of July 1. The city is on a three-year rotation for cars. Reekers suggested buying a car for each officer, with each officer maintaining their car, feeling that the vehicles would last longer. Belle Plaine has four officers, plus part-time officers. Council member Harold Ealy felt satisfied with having two cars on a three-year program. Council member Marv DeRycke felt that having four patrol cars would set a bad image for the town. The council approved having Hudson seek bids for a patrol car and the grant application. Belle Plaine applied for this last year and was turned down. The grant pays for the officer for three years. The city pays for the year, which concerned Administrator Daily, who said the money for the officer would have to come from somewhere else. The city is now at the $8.10 limit for the general fund, Daily pointed out. The council agreed to apply for it.

An airport parcel lease agreement was reviewed between the city and Speas Aviation Inc. City Attorney Jennifer Zahradnik was concerned about the term of the lease, lack of security deposit and the rental amount. “I’m not overly excited about the whole agreement to start with,” she said. The matter was tabled until further investigation.

A payment of $14,022 was approved to Ricchio Inc. for the aquatic center.

The city approved having Bill Daily attend the Iowa City Managers Summer Conference, July 21-23 in Storm Lake.

In his report, Bill Daily gave an update on clean-up day. He appreciated the donation of labor and a truck for clean-up day. He’s not sure if clean-up day does what he it to, since there are still a lot of nuisances and junk, but it is a service for the people of Belle Plaine.

He added there is an open house for the medical center on June 10 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. The renovation is complete, Daily said.

An update was given on dog and cat licensing. The city is down 32 from a year ago, mostly on the cat side.

He also gave a report on the newly opened aquatic center. He said 163 season passes have been sold to date. In 2009 they sold 84. He said it’s doing what the city hoped it would do, bringing people to town.

As for the downtown revitalization project, Belle Plaine has been invited to submit a proposal for I-Jobs funding, targeted at Main Street Iowa communities. He hopes this will help get money the city didn’t receive from the Vision Iowa Board. “Hopefully we’ll turn some dirt one of these days,” Bill Daily said.

Related to the downtown plan, a letter was read from Belle Dental concerning problems with the awning. The dental office is waiting to fix the awning until action is take on the facade master plan. Bill Daily stressed the city is moving as fast as it can on the facade project as it pursues money for the project.

UPDATED June 9, 2010 3:20 PM

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