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Primary election will be Tuesday

No local races in June 8 election; several seek congressional and governor nod

Benton County Democrats and Republicans will go to the polls next Tuesday, June 8, to vote in the primary elections for the prospective parties.

So far, there are no local races within each party. There are races at the state and federal level.


On the federal level there are seven people running for Third-District U.S. Representative seat to face incumbent Leonard Bowsell, D, in November. Running are Scott G. Batcher, Pat Bertroche, Dave Funk, Jim Gibbons, Mark R. Rees, Jason Lee Welch and Brad Zaun, all from Polk County.

Running for governor on the Republican ballot are Terry E. Branstad of Polk County, Rod Roberts of Carroll County and Bob Vander Plaats of Woodbury County.

There is also a race at the state level for Secretary of State, between George S. Eichhorn of Hamilton County, Chris Sanger of Polk County and Matt Schultz of Pottawattamie County.

James A. Heavens of Dubuque County and David D. Jamison of Story County are running for Treasurer of State.

Rounding out the Republican ballot, Chuck Grassley is running unopposed to return as U.S. Senator, David E. Vaudt is unopposed in his party to return as Auditor of State, and Bill Northey is unopposed to return as Secretary of Agriculture. Running unopposed on the Republican ballot for Attorney General is Brenna Findley.

Also unopposed for State Represenative, District 39, is incumbent Dawn Pettengill.

At the county level, running unopposed for recorder is incumbent Kelly Rae Geater, Vinton. Running unopposed for recorder is incumbent Lexa S. Speidel, Vinton.

Benton County Republicans have no candidates on the ballot for District 1 Supervisor and Benton County Attorney. Jason Sanders, R-Vinton, is the current supervisor and is not on the ballot.


There are three candidates running for U.S. Senator on the Democratic side, seeking to unseat incumbent Sen. Chuck Grassley. They are Roxanne Conlin of Polk County, Thomas L. Fiegen of Cedar County and Bob Krause of Jefferson County.

Running unopposed for the Third-District Congressional seat is Leonard Boswell of Polk County.

At the state level, incumbent Chet Culver is running unopposed for Governor. Incumbent Michael Mauro is also running unopposed for Auditor of State. There is no candidate running for Auditor of State. Michael L. Fitzgerald is running unopposed to return as Treasurer of State. Running for Secretary of Agriculture is Francis Thicke. Running unopposed for Attorney General is incumbent Tom Miller.

There are no candidates for State Representative - District 39, Benton County Treasurer or Recorder. Running unopposed for Benton County Attorney is incumbent David C. Thompson, Garrison. Running unopposed for District I supervisor is former supervisor Ed Sass, Shellsburg.

UPDATED June 1, 2010 12:08 PM

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