Co Line Cattery

Home of some of the happiest, healthiest, CFA registered Birmans in the Midwest.



Co Line kittens are so happy because they have the whole house as their castle! Its a life of watching TV with Dad, chasing each other, and sleeping on a big soft bed at night with their humans.

They have been loved and played with since birth which makes them very sociable and loving. Their health is guaranteed and as an altered adult will have very little shedding.

These are special kittens for special people. Show, breeder or companion quality in seal, blue, lilac, chocolate and lynx pt.colors. Click on buttons below to see more pictures and Pedigrees.



The Queens

The Kings

Champions Over The Years


All Grown Up

All Grown Up 2




"A truly wonderful cat!" - Pat Cummings

"...well balanced, elegant kitten with just the right splash of attitude mixed in, which makes him the perfect cat to live with." - Ruth Johnson

" I was very impressed with the condition and quality of care for the pets." - Kelley in Oklahoma  



For more information contact Lorraine

Located at Monroe, Iowa ( 35 miles east of DesMoines),  Phone 641 259 2256