Co Line Fun Page

Even when we were real small we loved to play


We soon learned to climb and play on our scratching post


And then we found this old pantyhose!


"MMMM..... Breakfast is so GOOOOD !"


Lets see if I can get this straw to work??


This basket looks like it could be fun too.


We have a special way of getting what we want!


Taking a nap with Mom (well Aunty to some of us)


or a nap with little sister

Then when we get real tired we look like this!!!


Or we find our very own pillow !!


Oh my..... is this an intruder???


Where did this strange thing come from?

Christmas is so much fun !!!

Some of us even get to go see Santa in person !!

Our human Dad cut the old apple tree down and turned it into this nice cat tree for us to climb and take naps on. We think it is really great.

And sometimes we get VERY VERY naughty!


Talk about coming in out of the rain...


We love to have a kid lay on the floor to play with us


Or to share a frosting bowl with us !!


We are such good helpers in the kitchen !!


Here we are with "Mom" she lays on the floor and lets us climb all over her. She makes a good mountain !


When the new little granddaughter came to our house, we didn't know what to make of her.... but we sure liked her 'bouncy seat' !


I wonder if they left anything good to eat in this old lunchbox?


You know....I think it is time we go somewhere

I sure hope you have enjoyed us and do come back again.




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