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We received our beautiful blue point Birman kitten "Willy" in July of 1999 from Coline Cattery.  Willy traveled to us across a great distance, all the way from Iowa to Alaska.  He sat in my lap on the way home from the airport and it was truly a love at first sight experience!  Willy has since settled into our hearts and home; he loves to be loved, cuddled and played with, and has adapted himself into our lives with remarkable ease.  He is a well balanced, elegant kitten with just the right splash of attitude mixed in, which makes him the perfect cat to live with.  Lorraine has continued to keep in touch with us and has shown through her actions that she is a breeder who truly cares about the kittens from her breeding program, even the so called pet quality one's, like our Willy.  Willy is our first Birman and he is more than we had ever hoped for.  Our family thanks Coline Cattery and Lorraine Van Polen for breeding such a beautiful, nice tempered kitten and for sharing him with us.

Ruth Johnson

with Wee Willy Winkle

in Anchorage, Alaska



I wanted a Birman for two reasons:  as a house pet and companion, and to use in pet therapy groups in nursing homes.  I breed and show Pomeranians, and also use them for therapy.  I know that inherited temperament and early socialization are equally important.  I got a lovely 4 month old bluepoint male kitten....Walker Texas Ranger....from Lorraine.  After a couple of weeks to bond with me and adapt to his new home, he started going to nursing homes.  He is wonderful, and a big hit with the residents.  He tolerates the car ride in his crate, a harness, strange surroundings, and petting from older hands that sometimes lack control.  A
truly wonderful cat!

Maryville MO

Pat Cummings


I visited Co Line in July of 1999 to look for a Birman kitty. I was very impressed with the condition and quality of care for the pets. I could tell that all of the kittens and cats were treated like pets and members of the family which made it difficult for me to take Wiley away. Wiley was very content and happy right where she was, but also seemed happy to make a new friend. Wiley is my first kitty and I found Lorraine to be very helpful in recommending kitty food, litter, vet care and hints for training.   Wiley is now 6 months old. Besides being very cute and adorable, Wiley has a very sweet and playful disposition. Unlike other cats Wiley is very personable and enjoys attention without being demanding. Wiley is very affectionate and will start to purr if I pick her up or when she hops up next to me while I'm watching TV.   Wiley is also very intelligent and was already potty trained before I took her home. No kitten is perfect and all need to be taught boundaries, but Wiley's intelligence has made her very easy to train.   Wiley's playful personality has also made her a joy to watch. Wiley is quite the avid soccer player using her right and left paws to bat her jingle balls about the room. When Wiley gets a little bored with her toys she likes to pick them up and put them in my shoes finding it a challange to retrieve them back out again. Wiley has also perfected the flying kitty summersault while playing with a shoe string tied to a door knob or while chasing her ball. Wiley has also been known to hang upside down from the platform of her play tower to bat at the hanging carpet ball underneath.   Basically Wiley is a perfect companion always there to greet me when I come home and eager to follow me around the apartment to see what's going on.  

Thanks for everything Lorraine.

Best Wishes, Kelley in Tulsa, Oklahoma  



They are all so beautiful. You breed such marvelous felines. It's always nice to see two of the same litter go together, then they have a friend for life. I'm so pleased we have the two. We never feel like a complete family unless we have a four legged fur ball or two running around the house. They have added so many smiles and "Look at that" to our lives. Yet they are calming and caring and when you need it most they come running to tell you how much they have missed you, because you've been out of sight for at least 3 minutes.

You have done all you can Lorraine to raise the "almost" perfect cats. I say, "almost" because no matter how hard I try to teach them, they refuse to clean out the litter box!  Smart enough to run like crazy to get there when nature calls... NEVER a miss. So, maybe they are perrrrrrfect after all. 




Your last email got me thinking and this is where my thoughts went.  See below.  Thanks for listening.

I get tired of people who comment (even though I DON’T BRING UP THE SUBJECT), “You paid for a CAT?”  Most people have no idea what a breeder puts into raising healthy purebred kittens.  After the one cat show that I showed some kittens in 12 years ago, I never under estimate the time, energy and caring that good cat breeders put into their cats.  I was exhausted after showing them, and as kittens, we even got to leave early.  Figuring out & purchasing for the genetics of the parent cats, caring for the health of all your cats, strategizing matings, mid-wife-ing at kittens’ births, training and then dealing with kitten customers … whew.   I wish people put more thought into what it takes.  The value of a healthy and happy (not to mention beautiful) kitten is well worth paying for her or him.  And then to walk into a home like yours and see the comfortable setting your cats and kittens live in.  It becomes readily clear that you value your cats as part of your family.   What is that worth … priceless.

Well, I’ll get off my soap box now.  I’m sure the kitten who remains will be duly spoiled and will become a little “emperor” amongst your cats.

Bye for now,


(Kenda and her daughter Terra came all the way from Colorado to get their little kitten they named CoCo, whom you may see napping in the doll house on the "all grown up 2" page :)



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