From Kittens To Cats !!

"All Grown Up Page 2"

This is Emperor, he belongs to Anna in the country of Poland. He is "King" of the castle there.


This is a lilac boy (Oliver) and a choc girl (Lily). They belong to Jan and have taken over her house. How could you say "NO" to them???


This big seal pt. boy belongs to John, Cindy and Michael. They say he is a wonderful cat but a little on the spoiled side.

Looks like he 'rules the roost' here.


This is Zara, she is just 6 months old here.... but already knows she is beautiful and loved to no end by Gary and Jean Ann.


This is Walker Texas Ranger a therapy cat all ready to go visit nursing homes in his buggy.

Pat his owner, says he loves his ride in his "car" and also all the attention he gets!!


This is Nick, a very spoiled cat, drinking from "Mom's" glass before going to bed. Roberta lets this guy get by with anything :)


These three seals pts. belong to Jennifer and Bob, they know they have it good.


This is "Cham" just posing for the picture :)


Here is Maggie Marie, she is a lilac pt. and about 4 years old in this picture.

She is Micky's little darling all day but loves to play games with Ken when he comes home in the evening.


This is Terra's little CoCo, she knows what a "doll" she really is and makes herself right at home in Terra's doll house !!


This is also one of Terra's friends named Love U Tango. He didn't know he was getting a double pose here !!!

Here is Faith napping in a very special place !!! I guess we all know who wears the pants at her house...

though Melissa and Jon say that is just fine :)



I will be adding more pictures as they are sent to me.


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