Between the Pines - A craft shop, in a rustic cabin that houses unique gifts and homespun crafts
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Open 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday

2612 Quasqueton Diagonal Boulevard
Independence, IA 50644

On W35 - 1 mile north of Quasqueton 
6 miles south of Independence

Dianne Crawford
(319) 934-3800 or (319) 934-3720

Upcoming Events

Christmas on the Quasqueton Diagonal November 10th & 11th

Closing for the season
December 22nd


Pure Necessities Soaps
Pure Necessities handcrafted glycerin soaps. 100% pure and natural made with extra virgin olive oil, palm, coconut, and aroma-therapy grade essential oils and colors.
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Boyd's Collectable Dolls & Plush
Julie Good-Kruger's new collection of dolls for 2001. Each of these dolls expresses a unique sentiment inspired by Julie's fond childhood memories. For the Boyd's Plush collectors we have a large assortment of Bears and Critters.
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Savannah Mixes
Bring Savannah's tradition of hospitality and taste into your own home with our unique Savannah Mixes. Quickly and easily, turn ordinary foods and beverages into luscious taste treats simply by adding Savannah Mix.
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Yard Art and Wagons
Made by local artists, these attractive pieces add to the beauty of your own landscaping.
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Willow Tree
This new line of graceful figurines conveys a sense of peace and tranquility through all seasons. They make wonderful additions to any home decor style, and make ideal gifts for any occasion.
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