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The VIVA vision that emerged ten years ago, to help people live longer and healthier lives, is now being realized.  VIVA is prepared to accompany you into the future to help you reach the healthy goals you set.  

You can depend on VIVA to supply your body with nutritional supplements that go beyond the barriers of simple vitamins.  VIVA offers you optimal nutrition designed by using science and nature to help you meet the health challenges that you and your loved ones face today and tomorrow.

VIVA nutraceuticals are designed and manufactured to be the most effective on the market today. To achieve that goal we use whole food concentrates with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

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Live Product Calls:
(1) 423-362-4150 Use pin: 8989#
Tuesday 7:00 pm (Central Time)
Thursday 7:00 pm (Central Time)

(415) 273-6086 Fax on Demand
With over 40 Detailed Boxes

5 minute Overview 1-800-948-8482

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Ken & Judy Doerscher
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