Ralph Hagedon, my dad

My father, Ralph Hagedon, passed away in November of 2000 after a short illness. It was a traumatic event for me, although for my mother I had to be strong and bury the grief. My dad, after all, was the most important influence in my life. I often think that everything that is good and decent about me came from the example my father gave. Dad was a World War II veteran, wounded in battle and he received the Purple Heart. He never regretted serving his country in war, but never glorified what he did, and often questioned the ethical taking of another life, even an enemy. I have been planning this web site for some time now, but the grief was still too near to really even make an attempt. What I will try to do on this site is enscapsulate the life of the man I call Dad, and hopefully though the telling I can deal with the hole in my life that his passing has left. I plan this as a tribute to the best dad in the whole wide world. I still miss you dearly, Dad!