Telecommunications Links

Sites of Interest to the Independent Telephone Industry
This is a compilation of sites intended to be of use to people in the Independent Telephone industry. Please let us know by e-mail of any other sites you find of interest

Last Updated 8/28/97

What's New?

USTA's "Call Them On It" site offers information on local phone companies and competition

Technical Information

ISDN User's Guide
Information on ISDN provided by Pacific Bell
The Network Revolution
Be prepared for long download- lots of graphics
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
Communications & Telecommunications Section - extensive source of links
Bellcore Home Page
Bellcore's "What's New" Page
Source for Telecom Publications
Includes sample issues of subscription publications
Bell Labs


RUS Telecommunications Program Home Page
RUS Home Page
RECD Home Page
USDA Home Page
Government Printing Office
CFR's from the Govt Printing Office
Authorized Federal Travel Directory Per Diem Rates
National Rural Development Partnership
Directory of Federal WWW Servers
Long list of servers provided by various Government agencies
News releases, public notices, orders, speeches, ...
NTIA Telcom Links
Bypasses the slow NTIA Home Page screen
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Current legislation, congressional record, searchable hot legislation
Welcome to the White House
"An interactive citizens' handbook"
FedWorld Beta Home Page
"One stop location for public to locate, order, and have delivered to them, US Government information"
SBA: Small Business Administration Home Page
National Park Service
NIST - Boulder, CO
NOAA The Weather Page
National Weather Service
US Treasury
Dept of Treasury -Circular 570 - Surety Listing
National Rural Development Partnership
IT Policy OnRamp
Internet Law Library - CFR
47 USC Sec 151

Interexchange Carriers / Bell Operating Companies

Marketing info, information superhighway topics, links to bell labs, news
MCI Home Page
networkMCI Developers Lab Home Page
Info superhighway stuff, multimedia, MCI's vision of the future
MCI Marketplace
An "Internet Mall"
Sprint info, internet tools & links, "cyber dinner", fun stuff
US West Home Page
- slow download, mostly marketing, US West info
Pacific Bell Web HomePage
"Text only" option, news, product info, information highway topics
Bell Atlantic Home Page
News, speeches, links to other BA sites
Ameritech Home Page
"Text-only" option, news, products, internet info
Iowa Network Services Home Page
Yellow Pages
Searchable yellow pages, more than just numbers
AT&T Internet Toll Free 800 Directory
Telephone Number Lookup
AmeriCom Long Distance AREA DECODER
Fast Area Code Lookup
GTE Corp
Telcos of Finland

Independent Telephone Companies


Foundation for Rural Service

Consulting Firms

CC & I Engineering
UDP, Inc. - Service Bureau, San Antonio, Texas
Syncopation Management Systems
NCC provides brokerage, merger & acquisition services to ISPs , cable TV and other emerging telecommunication and Internet sectors.

Telecom Equipment Manufacturers

Siemens AG
Lucent Technologies

State Specific Information

Public Utilities Commissions
California State Government Home Page
District of Columbia Home Page
Hawaii Home Page
Take a virtual vacation
Illinois Home Page
Iowa Legislative Server
Iowa Communications Network
Iowa Profiles
Iowa Database
Iowa's fiber optic distance learning network
Kentucky Home Page
North Carolina Home Page
Michigan Gopher
Minnesota State Gopher
The Sentinel
Weekly newspaper from Carlisle, PA
South Dakota Home Page
Web - Texas

Misc. Other Sites That May Be Of Interest

Extensive, Searchable source of telcom links
Yahoo's searchable list of telcom links
The Lighthouse Weather Server
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
NJOnline Weather
Boone REMC Home Page
NIPCO Home Page
Oglethorpe Power Corporation
USA Today
An online edition of "The Nation's Newspaper"
Wall Street Journal Money and Investing Update
Telecommunications Glossary

State Public Utilities Commissions

Alaska PUC Home Page
California Public Utilities Commission Home Page
Colorado Public Utilities Commission Home Page
Connecticut's Department of Public Utility Control
Florida Public Service Commission Home Page
Georgia Public Service Commission Home Page
Idaho Public Utilities Commission
Illinois Commerce Commission Home Page
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission Home Page
Iowa Utilities Board Home Page
Kentucky Public Service Commission
Maine Public Utilities Commission Home Page
Maryland Public Service Commission Home Page
Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities Home Page
Michigan Public Service Commission Home Page
Mississippi Public Service Commission
Montana Public Service Commission
New Hampshire PUC Home Page
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Home Page
New York Public Service Department Home Page
North Dakota PSC Home Page
Ohio Public Utilities Commission Home Page
Oregon Public Utility Commission Gopher
Pennsylvania PUC Home Page
Rhode Island Public Service Commission Home Page
South Dakota PUC Home Page
Texas Public Utilities Commission Home Page
Utah PSC Home Page
Vermont Public Service Department Home Page
Washington UTC Home Page
West Virginia Public Service Commission Home Page
Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Wyoming Public Service Commission
We would appreciate any suggestions or additions to this list.