My area to purge my angry thoughts, the alternative isn’t good you know

I haven’t had a dishwasher for a LONG time. Nuff said.

Push mowers suck. Who decided that they should have pull starters? Before you think, "Doesn’t she know there are some that have fancy starters you don’t have to pull", I haven’t researched it yet. I was just hacked off last night that I have to launch myself off the ground to get the damn thing started. *Makes note to research fancy starting push mowers, disregard the cost, it’ll be worth it*

Can’t…get…website…graphics…to…work……….oh the agony!

Gallon milk cartons are infuriatingly difficult to get open. At least here in Iowa they are. They are sealed under the screw top lid (which admittedly is a good thing) but the tab to get the cardboard bit that's sealed off is about the size of the end of a pencil that hasn't been sharpened in a long time. To get a good grip on the thing is like trying to squeeze a wet piece of rice between your finger and thumb without it flying across the room - next to impossible. By the time you do get a good grip and pull, the sucker rips in half….

Other drivers are infuriating. I know there is not a single earthling that drives who would disagree with me. There is not enough cyberspace for me to go into detail about all the things other drivers do that bother me, so I will just list a few:

  1. Being forced to take off the cruise control for any reason, many will be listed below
  2. People who pass you, then drive slower than you are
  3. People who pull out in front of you then turn a couple of blocks later
  4. People who don't use their turning signals properly, for example turn them on as they are turning
  5. People who drive under the speed limit

This is just a small sample of irritating behavior, and these drivers all have one thing in common. They should have terrible pain inflicted upon them, after their driver's license is taken away of course!

I am a Database Administrator, so I do database stuff (that's the technical description). A lot of that stuff is programming. I enjoy learning new things.... most of the time. I have been designing what's called a treeview, you know, when you go into Windows Explorer and you see your C: drive, D: drive, etc with the plus symbols to the left which expand to show what's in them, well that's a treeview.

I was trying to capture the value of whatever is clicked in the treeview, so I can process that value and do something else. Like when you select a file in the Windows Explorer then double-click to open it. Sounds simple right? Well the event to capture the value isn't on the list of events for a treeview. So how, you may ask, do you know what to do? Well you don't. You have to search and search and search (grey hairs growing) until you find what you are looking for. Have you ever done a search on Some days I'd rather hang by my fingernails. I got the damn thing to work though, but it was a painful process! It was like driving from New York to Alexandria without a map and having to ask directions at every gas station along the way!

Don't junk e-mails make your blood boil? They sure do mine! I won't mention some of the titles (you know the ones I mean) but some mention farm animals. How sick is that? You can only block so many, and by the time you do, they setup a new account. I can't wait for the day when these damn spammers get flamed. And I'm sure that day will come! And I'll be there laughing my back side off!

I'm having trouble with Microsoft Outlook 2002 at the moment. I'll walk you through this rant, so stay with me. My profile on my PC has changed. I was worried I would lose all my contacts, but low and behold, thankfully they were all still there. So I clicked to compose a new mail message then clicked on the To button to grab the recipients from my contacts. I got the following error message: [The address list could not be displayed. Blah de blah, see Microsoft Outlook Help.] So I diligently went to the online "Help" and chose Microsoft Outlook 2002 and put in the first line of the error message to do a search and find out what to do to solve my problem. The Search Results were, say it with me now, Sorry, no results returned. Once my blood pressure returned to normal, I started to think: How can this be? Wasn't the error message I received written in Microsoft Outlook? Did little gnomes break into my computer and send me a rogue error message? I've dealt with these gnomes before when none of my 3 girls are to blame for the permanent ink drawing on the furniture. *Must buy gnome repellant*

What about the planks that go through life complaining about what's on TV and the radio?

Big clue here for the clueless: There's a power button on every major appliance!

Who on God's green earth decided that toys should be packaged with 37 twirly wires and 87 pieces of tape? Toys never used to come with maximum security. You should NOT need wire cutters and a Stanley knife to open them. By the time you get the toys "unpackaged", the kids have left for college! Oh well, guess they'll be ready for when we have grandkids!

Why is it so painfully difficult to buy a vehicle? I asked when I pulled up, "I know it's a Saturday, but I want to drive away with something new today." He said no problem. And I listened, duuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh. Stooooopid me.

I went back on Monday to pick up my new (well new to me) 1999 Ford Windstar, and low and behold, they still didn't have the paperwork ready for me.

They agreed to deliver the van yesterday (Tuesday) evening because I couldn't go back there until Thursday. After SEVERAL phone calls yesterday, and them still not being sure they could deliver the van (because the guy promised without asking anybody *shock*), they said they were doing all they could.

In the end, my van got delivered yesterday, but the whole process was a HUGE pain in the posterior!

Last night I was looking for something, a shelf that had been removed from our entertainment center, because I wanted to put it back.

Now, I've come across that thing a bazillion times when I wasn't looking for it. But could I remember where it was. Hell no! I was stomping through the house, muttering explicatives under my breath, furiously searching for this damn shelf. It was hardly an urgent task (reorganizing my video collection which is about 10) but by gum, I wanted to find it right then.

I finally remembered where I it was.... I'd make an itemized listing of everything in my house (because I am a geek like that), but that would take all the fun out of the rant!