Dave Grohl, or Dr. G as he is known to some, is absolutely the coolest guy on the planet. Click on the Foo Fighters link to the left to enter the world of Dave. There will be no turning back.

John Cusack, previously referred to as my first husband, became my fave actor in 1985 when I went to the movie theater and saw The Sure Thing. The girls who lived in the basement with me in Graham Hall at Central College during our freshman year will tell you that I made them watch it every Sunday that year. They are probably still going around saying, "Consider outer space..."

Eddie Murphy is my comic hero! So much so that I named my car Eddie Escort after him when I was at U.N.I. I gotta dust off my Best of Eddie Murphy from Saturday Night Live tape and relive the marvelous "Hot Tub" skit (...make it cooler...) and "Ebony and Ivory" spoof with Eddie as Stevie Wonder and Joe Piscopo as Frank Sinatra. "Life's an eskimo pie, let's take a bite!"

Wanna see a good flick? Office Space is the one to choose. Mere words cannot express the sheer entertainment this film provides. Go jump in your car and rent it already! Or better yet, do what I did and buy it on DVD. *Tries to estimate number of times she's viewed it........still counting* My Other Fave Films

Monty Python, "God be praised", were so good, it was as if the comedy was tangible. It was something my brother and I were allowed to stay up late on a Sunday night to watch (10:30 pm on PBS), either that or we were sneaky about it. We weren't sure what they were talking about but it didn't matter. It was electrifying and we were hooked. And their films were, well, inspirational.

I "started" on the path to my career in IT at the tender age of 15 on an Apple IIe. And can you blame me, look at this spec: Released in January 1983, The Apple IIe was to be one of the most successful Apple computers ever. It was based on the 65C02 processor, which could run at 1.02 Mhz. It came with 64K of RAM and a 32K ROM which included BASIC, an assembly language interface, and several other hard-coded options. The Apple IIe originally sold for $1,395, and had a number of improvements and facelifts until it was finally discontinued in mid 1993, making it the only Apple computer to be in production for more than 10 years.

When I wasn't writing code on the above mentioned power PC, I was playing Atari. My fave game was Missile Command, but we had quite a few cool games. My brother figured out that the Pinball game would get "stuck" in a certain part of the program and the ball would bounce up and down through a point scoring alley. He racked up 6 million points before he had to quit or get some sort of repetitive strain injury.

Tequila anyone? A#1 drop of hooch. Dare I tell you the tequila story? Oh alright, it's not too "saucy"! Hanging out with my Dad has always been more like being with my bestest friends - a whole lotta fun. One time, years ago, we drove to get groceries and decided to stop off for a drink first, just a quick drink... Well, 4 shots of tequila later, we decided we better get some food as the cupboards was bare, so we went to the supermarket, only got non-perishable food, then headed back to the bar for more tequila. *Cue The Chandeliers*