Number 1 Anything with John Cusack Say Anything Tapeheads High Fidelity etc...
Number 2 Any Monty Python film Holy Grail Life Of Brian The Meaning Of Life etc...
    Some of my other favorite films, in no particular order:
    Film Name Fave Lines Image
    Foul Play "Then I stabbed him with the needles." "Oh, narcotics..." "No, knitting!"
    Fletch "I love your body Larry."
    A League Of Their Own "That's some good peeing Mr. Dugan!"
    Big "Well I'll stay away from her then."
    Bachelor Party "Are these things on, or am I wasting my time?"
    Happy Gilmore "You no want breakfast?"
    Groundhog Day "Is it too early for flapjacks?"
    Poltergeist "I don't like trick questions."
    Animal House "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"
    Wayne's World "Hey guys, I fell on my keys!"
    Wizard Of Oz "Put 'em up, put 'em up!"
    There's Something About Mary "Oh look! He's got Puffy wrapped up just like a baby!"
    The Jerk "Damn these glasses!" "I damn thee!"

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