My Avatar Story


I was born in the Ames, Iowa area and grew up on our family's farm.  Formal education was a B.S. in Agricultural Business from Iowa State University as well as classes in horticulture, art (ceramics and jewery) and philosophy.

During college (early 70's) a farm accident nearly cost me my life and brought me to an acute desire to examine Life; as well as make a solemn vow not to waste a precious gift!
Shortly afterward I made a personal prediction I would discover something life changing one evening.  I discovered a book that outlined higher states of consciousness.

From then on forward growth of consciousnss became my goal.  Seeking and discovering took the forms of books, TM meditation technique, and Rosicrucian Order studies.

Quite some time later I happened to receive an Avatar Journal in the mail.  A brief investigation of Avatar and intuition convinced me that the Avatar course could resolve personal difficulties (old limiting beliefs) that had remained unaddressed.

Avatar  DELIVERED!! and I am inspired to deliver Avatar!

  If you wish to pass beyond limiting beliefs.
  If you are inspired to choose and deliberately create your life.
  If you desire broad based self discovery and acceptance that will   allow you to breathe easier.
  If you are tired of being an "uptight Mr/Mrs. normal" or any identity that is not real or fun.
  If you are tired of seeking  and ready for experiential states of awareness.
  If you are even vaguely aware that your mind and consciousness is not your awareness.
  If you want to let go of resistance and find the fun and freedom in life.
  If you want to give yourself the gift of being in the Present.
  If you would like to bring out the best in yourself.

I would be honored to assist in that glorious creation of YOU!






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