Shimek Elementary (grades 1and 2)

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At Shimek, I worked with first and second grade classes. It was a lot of fun to work with these students. Everything they learned was a new discovery for them and they needed little motivation to become excited about what they learned. It was very interesting to see the beginning stages of art education in school. This was a way for me to see the building blocks that are the basis of future art study. I was also amazed at the amount of creativity expressed by the students. Kids at this young age could teach adults a thing or two about not being afraid to express yourself.


Here are some examples of student work.

In this project we made wind kites. Students were to draw a picture that reminded them of spring. They then glued tissue paper on their drawing. For the kite tails, we showed students how to color their paper by painting, with water, pieces of tissue paper on it. The colors bleed and when the paper dried they were left with a colorful design. They then assembled the pieces together to form the final product.



At the end of class, if the daily activity was finished and there was extra time left, students were given free time. They were allowed to create whatever they chose using materials that they had worked with before. A lot of interesting creations came from this use of extra time. It also seemed to excite the kids that they got to choose what they wanted to do. Here are some images taken from free time.