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 My Teaching Philosophy


To function successfully in today’s society people need to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, informed decision makers, compassionate role models, respectful individuals, and responsible community members.  It is my belief that the goal of education is to help people develop these necessary cognitive, technical, and social skills to become more capable and productive citizens.

To accomplish this I will provide a learning environment, which fosters higher order and critical thinking.  My curriculum will include such topics as visual literacy, historical perspectives, various cultural views, interdisciplinary connections, collaboration, and self-realization.  The approaches that I will use to achieve my goals for the students will be diverse.  I will encourage discussions and critiques that will challenge them to compare their ideas with others socially, individually, and culturally.  I will conduct field trips and invite artists to broaden their perspectives and bring to life the abstract ideas and concepts studied in class.  I will use reflective writing to help them consider the purposes of their work and the meanings of their experiences.  In my art program, I will provide examples of artwork, which will contribute to learning in diversity, history, visual literacy, analysis, and critical thinking.  My goal is to challenge students to move from their present perspective to the next point of realization, identity, and socialization.