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June U. Walker


710 – 20th Ave, Apt. 12, Coralville, IA 52241




          Art teacher - K-12

·              Special expertise in painting, ceramics and multimedia

·              Studio experience working with diverse mediums, focusing on basic elements of art and design

·              Experience in designing integrated lessons in collaborative setting and team teaching

·              Technology skills in the use of various software applications

·              Proactive classroom management

·              Facilitate open learning environment that encourages creativity, problem solving, and acceptance of a diversity of ideas

·              Proficient in American Sign Language


           B.A.   Art Education, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Dec. 2001  


Substitute Teacher, K-12, Cedar Rapids Community Schools, Spring 2002-present

(Also substituting at: College Community, Linn-Mar, Marion, and Tanager Place School)

Assist students with assignments; use proactive classroom management strategies.

High School Art Substitute, grades 9-12, Linn Mar HS, Marion, October 2002

Designed art activities, guided students in the completion of projects and assessed their progress.

Saturday Morning Art Workshop Teacher, K-7, Art Education Department, Spring 2001

Planned, prepared, and instructed course in mask making that included cultural and social implications for this art form.

Guest Teacher, HS, West High School, Iowa City, Spring 2001

Organized and presented ceramics lesson; guided students in the completion of their projects

Art Practicum, grades 1-6, Shimek/Lucas Elementary Schools, Iowa City, Spring 2000

Observed and helped instruct first, second, fifth, and sixth grade art students.

Volunteer Art Instructor, grades 6-8, United Action for Youth, Iowa City, Fall 1999                    

Designed art activities for MS At-Risk students and guided them in the completion of their projects.


           Middle School Art, grades 6-8, Franklin Junior High, Cedar Rapids, Fall 2001   

·      Planned, prepared and organized materials for thematic units in culturally diverse settings

·      Collaborated with teaching teams in social studies, language arts, and math.

·      Developed lessons and accommodating materials for students with special needs

·      Used proactive management strategies and motivated students through an active learning environment


           Custodian, Weber Elementary, Iowa City, May 2003-present

Work with custodial staff to provide clean and safe learning environment for students.


·      Elks, Fahrney, University of Iowa Full Tuition, Kiwanis, Schwartz, and Wal-Mart Scholarships

·      Dean’s List      


Art Educators of Iowa



Integrated multimedia in ePortfolio including lesson plans, assessments, accommodations, and reflections


Letters of references at Educational Placement Office, The University of Iowa

302 Lindquist Center N, Iowa City, Iowa 52242 (319) 335-5353