Student Teaching

Franklin Middle School


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I did my student teaching at Franklin Middle School in Cedar Rapids. There I taught students in grades six through eight. I also attended a weekly class during this time, which focused on helping beginning teachers deal with issues experienced in the classroom.

As a part of my student teaching I presented lessons to the students. I took part in classroom planning, providing instructional materials, and evaluation.  I had individual discussions with students, helping them develop their ideas. I attended and participated in staff meetings and staff development sessions. I also participated in art curriculum meetings with other art teachers in the district.

I have included some pictures of projects done in class.


The following pictures are from a lesson in drawing charcoal still-lives. Students learned about art concepts such as value, shading, cast shadows, and balance. They then used these concepts to create a still life of their own.




Here are some pictures from a lesson where the sixth graders learned about the Panama Kuna Indian art form called molas. They made their own mola out of felt.