Lucas Elementary (grades 5 and 6)

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At Lucas, I worked with the students on a number of projects. I learned a lot about how kids at this age interact with each other. During classes, I went from table to table and helped students with their projects. I also learned a lot about how to present material to students from my observations of my co-operating teacher. As part of the class, we were given weekly questions to discuss with our co-operating teacher and then wrote response papers based on the information that we had gathered. Topics for the questions were quite broad. They covered issues such as school policies, classroom management, student behavior, evaluation of work, teaching methodologies, inclusion of special needs students, and budget concerns.

Below, are some examples of projects that were done by the students.

The above images are paper molas made by the students. The project was based on an art form native to Panama. Molas are made by the Kuna women of this country. They use brightly colored cotton material and hand sew it in a reverse appliqué technique to create their art. We altered the technique by having the students use construction paper rather than cloth. We also made it a point to talk about what is considered to be contrasting colors. If you would like to know more about mola art please visit



These are images from a project we did with the students, teaching them how to make clay whistles. The students had to construct hollow chambers and then turn their pieces into sculptural forms by adding clay. The pictures were taken halfway through the project. I found an excellent sight on the web that details step by step the process we used. Click here to leave my web sight and visit this link.