The Man
New Line Cinema (2005)
Comedy, Crime, Action
In Collection
83 mins

Samuel L. Jackson Derrick Vann
Eugene Levy Andy Fiddler
Luke Goss Joey / Kane
Miguel Ferrer Agent Peters
Susie Essman Lt. Rita Carbone
Rachael Crawford Dara Vann
Anthony Mackie Booty
Gigi Rice Susan

Director Les Mayfield
Producer Toby Emmerich
Tim van Rellim
Writer Stephen Carpenter
Jim Piddock
Cinematography Adam Kane
Musician John Murphy

No-nonsense agent Derrick Vann (Samuel L. Jackson) of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is trying to track down stolen ATF weapons in Detroit. His partner was the inside man for the theft, which makes Vann a target for Internal Affairs Agent Peters (Miguel Ferrer). Happy-go-lucky Andy Fiddler (Eugene Levy) is a dental equipment salesman from Wisconsin visiting Detroit for a dental convention. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Fiddler receives a bag containing a gun and a cell phone from a gun smuggler named Joey (Luke Goss), who tells Fiddler he will be contacted soon. Because of the mistaken identity, Vann forces Fiddler into the investigation. Fiddler has a legal misunderstanding in his background that gives credibility to his mistaken identity not only to the gun smugglers, but also brings him under the investigation of Agent Peters. Fiddler, who struggles to be “The Man”, is drawn deeper into the investigation as Vann tries to close the deal with the smugglers. Just when Fiddler thinks he is free, he is pulled back into the investigation one last time as Vann tries to catch the leader of the smugglers.

Edition Details
Country USA
Language English
Barcode 794043101380
Region Region 1
No. of Disks/Tapes 1