Back To The Future Part Ii
Universal Studios (1989)
Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction
In Collection
108 mins
IMDB 7.3

Michael J. Fox Marty McFly / Marty McFly Jr.
Christopher Lloyd Dr. Emmett Brown
Lea Thompson Lorraine Baines
Thomas F. Wilson Biff Tannen / Griff Tannen / Grandma
Crispin Glover George McFly
Claudia Wells Jennifer Parker
Marc McClure Dave McFly
Wendie Jo Sperber Linda McFly
George DiCenzo Sam Baines
Lee McCain Stella Baines
Elisabeth Shue Jennifer Parker - Jennifer McFly
James Tolkan Mr. Strickland
Jeffrey Weissman George McFly
Casey Siemaszko 3-D
Billy Zane Match
J.J. Cohen Skinhead

Director Robert Zemeckis
Producer Bob Gale
Neil Canton
Writer Robert Zemeckis
Bob Gale
Cinematography Dean Cundey
Musician Alan Silvestri

Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) are on a new mission to save the future and the past. Picking up exactly where the previous film left off, Doc leads Marty into the 21st century to save his future son from a horrible mistake. But Marty makes a mistake of his own when he brings an almanac of sports game results back to the 20th century—allowing bully Biff Tannen to win big bets and become the richest, most powerful man in town. Marty and Doc must use the DeLorean to return to the events of the first film and set the timeline right again; if they fail, everyone’s future is in jeopardy—to say nothing of their present.

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Audience Rating PG
Country USA
Language English
Barcode 7158792128543
Region Region 1
No. of Disks/Tapes 1
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Purchase Price $29.99
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