Upper Midwest Porcelain Art School

Four-day Sessions        June 25-29, 2018

Crossroads Community Church, Galena, IL

(Photos are examples only.  Project may differ.)



Teachers and Subjects



                               Alzora Zaremba,Roses (WAITING LIST)       Marty Hill, Animal or Portrait  (WAITING LIST)    Randy Wollet, Siberian iris on a Vase



Cherryl Meggs Mixed Bouquet on a small vase or box                       Joyce Dwulet, Raised Paste and Gold                                                       Paula White Dahlias


June 2-Day Session, June 23 & 24       

Marty Hill Pastels (Linda Grice Studio, North)


               April Sessions, 3-day sessions, April 16-18 and 19-21

Michael Turner Mums on a Vase    Poinsettias and Pinecones (WAITING LIST)  (Linda Grice Studio, North)



September Sessions, 3-Day Sessions, September 10-12 and 13-15, 2018

Nancy Bergman  (Linda Grice Studio, North)






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