2017 Registration Information

 Upper Midwest Porcelain Art School (UMPAS), June 26-30th, 2017

Please print this page, fill out the following information, and mail with your deposit.

Instructor Choices: Four-Day Sessions (Please number choices 1-3)

______   Marty Hill/ Portrait of Choice including Animal of Choice  8x10 tile

_______ Mary Gosden/ Architectural design, Student's Choice  8x10 tile

_______ Paula Collins/ peonies with lusters and techniques

_______ Alzora Zaremba/ Elk in Wintry Forest  10x14 tile

______  Michael Turner/ Large oval tile with roses and grapes

______  Nancy Bergman/ Fashion Design and Christmas Ornaments with Lusters

Instructor Choices: Bonus Three-Day Session June 24-26th, 2017

_______ To be determined  Oil Painting       

Tuition:  $375  for 4 days session china painting.  $200 for 3-day session oil painting.  Both sessions for $525.  Please send a $50 deposit with your registration to reserve your seat. 

The remaining  amount will be due on or before April 1st, 2014







Registrations are numbered and classes are filled on a first-reserved basis.  Registration by e-mail will open for 2016 participants on June 13th at 8:00 AM.  Order will be determined by the time the e-mail was sent to me.  If no e-mail is available you may call me at 319-667-2350 and leave a message with the exact time if I do not answer.  UMPAS 2016 participants will  have the opportunity to register first.  People who are not registered for UMPAS 2016 may begin registering on June 15th using the same procedure as above.  All registrations must be followed by a deposit of $50 within 7 business days or the registration will be cancelled.  Remaining payment of $325  is due April 1st 2017 or placement preference may be forfeited.  Please indicate a second and third choice when registering as our classes fill rapidly.

$50 registration Fee is non-refundable.  No refunds of any money will be made to students who cancel after March 15, 2017

Please mail registration and fees to:

UMPAS,  % Linda Grice, Director, 25739 170th St,  South English, IA 52335-8636

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