Some of my favorite china-painting links:

B & P Lamp Supply, Inc. 

China by Alzora

China Painting List Porcelain Painting Online Directory

Gladys Galloway 

Janri Designs Handmade Porcelain Jewelery, China Painting

Judy Lehman Studio

Karla Pendleton

Kathy Peterson's the good stuff  Your glass and china painting shop...

Leslie Peacock's Studio of Porcelain Art

Maryland China Web Site - China Importers and Decorators

Michael Sullivan Studio Catalog

Paula Collins catalog

Porcelain Painters International Online

Rynne China Company

Sonie Ames Designs

The Australian Porcelain Decorator and Josephine Porcelain Online Store

The Chinashoppe

A Brush with Wildlife Create a Composition with Carl Rungius

Limoges Boxes, Handpainted Porcelain, & Portraits by M. Ayo Porcelain

Maryland China