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Sustainable agricultural practices such as grass pastures and ponds provide clean and healthy foods for us and save our natural resources for the next generation.


Organic Beef

Two of our bulls enjoying the winter day and waiting to be fed.

          Organic grazed beef is naturally high in natural conjugated linoleic acid which has been found to reduce bad cholesterol levels.  Many feel, as we do, that the upsurge in heart problems in humans following the second world war has been a result of eating protein (meat, eggs, milk) that has been raised in confinement and, therefore, has not had the natural conjugated linoleic acids needed to keep bad cholesterol low. 


    Mother cows enjoying an early morning salt lick.  Contented, happy cows produce tender, nutrient-dense beef.







Therefore, we feed our animals as much grass or hay as we can to produce a product we feel to be more healthy.  We feed only very small levels of grain to these animals just when they need the extra energy (ie. cold, wet, weather).  Most of the time they graze our pastures or eat hay which we make ourselves and which is free of pesticide.  We don't use implants and we don't feed antibiotics. 

However, the cattle are vaccinated so they don't become sick with some of the common diseases cattle get.  We don't use chemicals to spray our pastures or hay fields. 

We personally know each animal and sell only animals which are completely healthy throughout their lifetime for our organic beef line.  

Because of  the clean, wholesome environment we provide for our animals we rarely have any sickness despite the fact we don't use antibiotics.


Clean, crisp winter day looking out over the winter range.



Our organic, free-range cattle take about 9 months longer than confinement-fed cattle and more food to reach market weight.   Our buyers get a high quality product which is guaranteed to be the most wholesome beef available.  Our cattle are all source-verified because they are born on our farm and have been here for generations. 

            We take advanced orders, only, as we have a limited supply.  We usually have animals ready in spring and early summer and again in late fall and winter.  The meat is custom-processed at a local USDA-Inspected locker and then sent to the buyer. We charge $4.20 per pound of assorted cuts for a side of beef. This includes all cuts including rib-eye steaks, T-bones, roasts, and hamburger, etc.---approximately 160-190# of ready-to-eat beef. The freezer space required is about 6 cubic feet. The buyer is responsible for the shipping costs to their address. To order please contact us at or call 319-667-2350.

 Our beef farm is organically certified and inspected each year 

 by the

Iowa Department of Ag and Land Stewardship



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  All Natural Poultry and Eggs


Young pullets enjoying fresh green grass and clean pastures.  These pullets lay brown eggs with sturdy shells and bright yellow yolks high in conjugated linoleic acid which some studies say is effective in the prevention of heart disease.


We sell young cornish rock range-fed cornish cross fryers weighing about 5# each for $2.00 per pound.  The buyer is responsible for the shipping costs to their address. To order please contact us at or call 319-667-2350.

We also sell all-natural brown eggs from free-range hens.  Price is $2.00 per dozen.  The buyer is responsible for the shipping costs to their address. To order please contact us at or call      319-667-2350.

Please e-mail me  if you have other questions or to request a brochure. 

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