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AEC does more than assemble components for control systems. First, we make sure we know how your process and equipment work and how you intend for them to operate. Then, using the latest technology, we design and build a process control system to meet your unique needs. After installation, we continue to provide customer support and assistance. Our goal is total customer satisfaction.

Control Panels

AEC panels are designed with you in mind. From relay logic to complete PLC controlled processes, our panels are designed to be user friendly and easily installed and maintained. All control panels come with documentation and operating instructions and are built with brand name equipment.

The engineering staff at AEC has over fifteen years of experience using and programming PLC's and are also ready to help select the proper peripheral devices for your application.

Safety is a key concern at AEC. Our customized control systems, built to your specific application, can help improve safety. Also, AEC is U.L. Listed for Industrial Control Panels and U.L. Classified for Flame Control Panels.

Data Acquisition

In addition to designing control systems, AEC also specializes in providing computer based data acquisition systems. The information gathered by these systems will help you gauge the efficiency and productivity of your process.

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